Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

Edited: Had my appointment day wrong in my original post, it is not tomorrow but next week.

How far along: 27weeks! 
Side Story: When I was 21 weeks and sitting in the hospital after having the cerclage surgery, one of the doctors visited me during rounds.  It was my last day there, I was being released later, and she gave me the same speal I had heard from all the other doctors.  It was about bedrest and how they don't really know for certain that it helps, but since there isn't something better to recommend, this is the best idea they have.  She then said that she had a patient that was in similar circunstances to me and she was on bedrest and currently (at that time) was at 27 weeks.  So she was a believer.  I remember thinking, "27!!  Wow, that seems like such an impossibility!"  But here I am!!

Cauliflower, apparently 2 lbs!
How big are babies: At the ultrasound we had today the babies were estimated to be about 2 lbs., 5 oz. and 2 lbs. 4 oz. each.  The pregnancy app I'm using estimates about 2 lbs. for 27 weeks (apparently what a head of cauliflower weighs) and about 14 1/2 inches long.  Does a head of cauliflower really weigh 2 lbs.!?

Survival chances: We're doing so well in this area!!  Although their lungs are immature (and hopefully the steroid shots I had a few weeks ago will help) they can function outside the womb with medical assistance.  From 27w 0d to 27w 6d, chances of survival are now at 90%.  The chances of severe to mild disability among survivers is the same as last week, 25% (The Preemie Primer, Gunter, 2010).  I love seeing these stats moving up!!

Weight gain: Haven't weighed myself since last week, so let's just say I'm still at around a 25 lb. weight gain.

Cravings: I was in the mood for French fries this week; had some on Monday and again tonight.  They were good!

Aversions: Stil none, thank goodness!

Belly button: What belly button?  Well, okay, it is definitely an outie, but also seems to kind of be disappearing.  It's also starting to be visible through my clothes, though that depends on what I'm wearing.  Heehee!

Movement: Definitely!  Becoming more often and much stronger.  Starting to get into that stage where I can also see it.  It's very weird to see me belly move, like there is an alien in there or something!  We even talked about the movie "Alien" tonight!

Leg cramps: Still none!  Yay!

Sleeping: What is sleeping?  Can someone remind me?  Obviously this is not going well.  I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been beat up during the night.  Between the babies' movement (the most minor of the sleep issues), the effects of the prometrium, the frequent bathroom trips, the new back pain I'm starting to have, and my inability to move positions (which is probably causing the back pain), I'm extremely uncomfortable.  That's pretty much an understatement.

Ultrasound: Had one today.  I was a little nervous going in after the results of the one from last week.  Luckily, all looked great.  Twin A had a heartbeat of 143 and weighed in at 2 lbs, 5 oz.  Twin B had a heartbeat of 140 and weighed in at 2 lbs., 4 oz.  The discrepancy between them came in at only 3%.  Excellent news!!  Next ultrasound is a week from today.

Appointment: My next offical appointment is next week, but I can update on the glucose test from last week.  I failed the one-hour test, but not by much.  So I went in on Monday morning for the three-hour test and I passed that.  Thank goodness!

Notable this week: I'm suddenly having more trouble getting up from the couch, getting out of bed, and just basically moving around much at all.  I realize this is mostly because the babies are getting bigger and thus so am I.  But I think the fact that I'm on bedrest plays a role as well.  I need to stretch my muscles more and do little exercises so I don't turn completely into jelly.  Love it when hubby is home!  He's been helping me get up from the couch when he's around.  Otherwise, I'm on my own. 

Almost in the third trimester.  One week to go!!


  1. I'm so glad your pregnancy is going so well! I can hardly believe you're almost to the third trimester, too! Squee!

  2. Just the kind of update we have been praying for! All kinds of exciting :) I'm sorry you are getting so uncomfortable. Ouch! I promise it's quickly forgotten a few weeks (or so)after it's over...

    PS: Loved your comment on my blog. Very cool.

  3. A big head of cauliflower will about have that weight. Since when do I know vegetable weights??? --> I was looking for a cauliflower head of about a pound last week (even the smaller ones weigh more) and weighed several at the store. :-)

    I love reading all of your posts and any posting with good news is a "joy moment" for me. In terms of the twins: keep up the good work! Hug!

  4. @Nicole: Thanks!! And you're so close to the end, how exciting! Can't wait to hear when your LO arrives!
    @Lynn: I may be uncomfortable, but I keep telling myself it'll all be worth it. I laugh about it actually! I keep wondering what it'll be like (if I make it that far) what I'll feel like around week 32 when I'm potentially measuring around 40 weeks, and then beyond! Whoa!!
    @Julia: So glad to have you following!! Love that you know how much cauliflower weighs!! LOL! Danke!!

  5. yay on passing the 3 hour test!