Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thoughts on the Old and New Year

Happy 2011.  Are you making resolutions?  Goals for the year?  Looking forward to anything?  Or are you just going to let the year unfold?

Last year I made resolutions.  In all honesty, they were more like personal goals than real resolutions.  But, I will say that I made progress on most of them.  I did write more on this blog this past year.  In addition to more writing, I also wanted to have quality posts.  I have no desire to write just to write.  So I hope the quality of my posts are improving.

Second, my husband and I did do a good job saying a daily rosary for about 4 to 5 months.  I think it started falling off around the time of my miscarriage in May.  Understandable to some extent, but really the Rosary should have been a comfort during that time.  Unfortunately it wasn't.  This is more than worth trying again.

Reading more.  Well, I did do some reading, but I'm not sure it was any more than usual.  And the TV and computer time certainly got in the way.  Something to continue working on for sure.

I think I did well in the physical health arena.  I started the year pretty well, but didn't really lose a lot in those first few months before I got pregnant.  After the miscarriage I jumped back on the bandwagon and ended up losing about 16 pounds.  My physical endurance was also obviously much improved, evident by the fact that my husband actually had a hard time keeping up with me on our walks.  I gained a little back in September, but then got pregnant shortly after.  Did the weight loss help in getting pregnant?  Possibly, I may never know.  But that's okay.

So what am I doing this year?  To start, I want to keep my life fairly stress-free.  Carrying twins will probably not be easy.  So far things are good, but I know I get easily stressed and that just isn't good for any pregnancy.  Since some of the things that can be done to help prevent pre-term labor have not been shown to have any effect on multiples pregnancies (I can explain more in a future post), I have decided that stress-free living is one way I can help myself.  These past two weeks have been great (see number 2 on this post)!!  I also won't be traveling in February for my annual conference (I stress about being at the airport on time, connecting flights, keeping up with multiple boarding passes, not knowing airport layouts, ground transportation, my hotel reservation, and then the whole thing in reverse plus trying to get to a Mass on that Sunday, because the conference always ends on Saturday nights, either in the city I'm in or at some church back home).  Work can be stressful, but I have gotten better at delegating things, I'm not going to worry about my potential promotion, and I'm way ahead on the article I have due in June (yeah, same time as my due date).  If I have to be on bed rest, so be it.  I'll make it through and I know I have tons of friends who will jump in and help me out if I need something.

So, yeah.  Less stress!  That's my main goal for the next few months.

In addition, I need to get back into my spiritual life, specifically the Rosary.  Let's start there for now.  I have a habit of adding too much and then failing.  So I'm going to stick to one thing.  And what can be better than the Rosary?  Maybe since I'm not going to the gym anymore I should get up like I used to for the gym and say a Rosary then. 

Hmm, that's an idea!!  I should try that tomorrow.  I'll let you know how that works out!

Other than trying to reduce stress in my life and work on a daily Rosary, I think I just want to see the year unfold.  As I have said many times, it is more and more obvious to me that there is more that I can't control than I can.  Plus there are so many unknowns with this pregnancy that I am really working on putting all my trust and faith in God and the intercessions of the community of saints.

And should we get all the way through this pregnancy (please, God), who knows how much my life will change!!  So why try to plan anything!

2011 for me?  Less stress, praying the Rosary, and letting go.  I truly have no idea what this year is going to bring and I think I'd rather not try to guess (if you know me at all, you can stop laughing now!).

What are you looking forward to this year?  Have you made resolutions?  Anything you want to do to improve your life?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  Hope 2011 brings many blessings to all of you!

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