Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 19

I spent some time on Tuesday night making a list of things that I would want to regularly update everyone on regarding this pregnancy.  Unfortunately, I hadn't saved the document at all, went to help my husband finish the dishes, and then while I was drying the last few things I asked him to log me out of my email and other programs I had up on my computer and shut it down.  Oops!  He saw the document but closed it without saving it.

So I'm winging this tonight because I wanted to get it up ... tonight.  I apologize if it seems a little jumbled, I'll do better next week.

How far along: 19 weeks!!  Still can't believe it!!

Food Aversions: None that I can think of.  I'm still eating most anything that we have around here.  We've even made black beans and rice during this pregnancy and I wasn't repulsed by it at all.

Cravings: Again none.  Most of them were during the first trimester.  I kind of miss the chocolate milk craving I had during my very first pregnancy. 

Maternity clothes: Oh yeah, been wearing them now for a few weeks.  I'm not even looking at my other clothes anymore.  I did buy a "BeBand" at Target two weeks ago and it has helped with holding my maternity pants in place.  I'm so grateful to have it!!  I may go buy another one!

Bellybutton: It might disappear.  It's definitely stretching out.  Yesterday by the time I got home from work it was also itchy and even hurt a little bit.  It can disappear, I just hope it doesn't "pop out."

Ultrasound/appointment: None this week.  I'll be back at Ultrasound on Wednesday next week and to my regular appointment on Thursday.

My movement: I can still pretty much do anything as I normally have been.  I'm seeing, though, that putting my socks on, picking something up off the floor, or anything else that requires bending too much at the waist is going to get harder, probably sooner than I had expected.  Getting up and down from the couch, my office chair, etc. is still very doable.  Again, though, I can see how it's going to get harder.

Baby Movement:  Possibly.  It's nothing big, but there are times when I think I feel some internal squirming around.  It mostly seems to be around 2 in the morning.  They're just prepping me for what's to come, I'm sure.

Leg Cramps: One this week, at 7am on Sunday morning.  What an alarm clock to have!!  My calf muscle hurt up through Tuesday, the worst of it being on Monday.  This is only my second one this pregnancy.  I forgot to talk to my doctor about it last week (possibly vitamin or mineral deficiency?) but I hope to talk about it next week.  In the meantime, I've been making sure I'm not dehydrated and drinking P L E N T Y of water.

Sleeping: Falling asleep hasn't been too hard.  I had been using that time to pray for various intentions of mine and others I know.  Lately I'm finding that I start thinking of the intentions I want to pray for and never get to the praying part.  Although getting to sleep isn't much of a problem at the moment, I have no hope of staying asleep.  I think I'm up every two hours to use the bathroom.  I better be getting enough water!!

Notable this week: My husband tells me I have officially "popped."    Suddenly on Monday, I felt big ... like really BIG.  I know I've been getting bigger, it's been a gradual thing, but Monday it just suddenly felt different.  Even just Sunday I felt fine, didn't feel huge at all.  But then came Monday and wow!  Just wow!

That's it for the 19 week update.  Almost halfway!

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