Saturday, January 08, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, vol. 13

Welcome to another edition of 7 Quick Takes, another "random thoughts" version.


After a full two week break that didn't involve any traveling, this past week I had to go back to work.  Amazingly, it wasn't too hard to get back into the swing of things.  On the other hand, after a full week back, I'm kind of ready for another break.


Maternity tops have now officially been introduced into my wardrobe.  I'm hoping to put off maternity pants for a while.  During my pregnancy with Zachary I could not get them to stay up.  I'm sure if that pregnancy had gone full-term they would have eventually fit, but I just never got big enough.  This time, I'm hoping to put it off as long as possible.  The 16 pounds I lost this summer are helping, I'm wearing my older pants from before the weight loss.  Hoping they'll last at least a couple more weeks.


I hate that I have a list of ideas in my head to add to this list but when I sit down at the computer I go blank.  I really need to learn to write things down.  It's now Saturday ...


Woke up this Saturday morning to snow!  I'm not a big fan of snow, mostly because I usually still have to go to work or run errands or whatever.  I would add shoveling the driveway to that list, but I'm not allowed to do that this winter.  Snow was different when I lived further south, more enjoyable because you couldn't drive anywhere.  Not so true here, you're still expected to go about your day.  At least it is Saturday and I don't have to work today!!  Looks like we have approximately three inches or more, and it's still coming down.  I thought it was only supposed to be a dusting.


In my post about the new year, I mentioned wanting to do a daily rosary again.  I did manage to get up early on Sunday and have some quiet time to say a rosary and Monday I did one while at my morning adoration hour.  The rest of the week, not so much.  I'm not a morning person, but if I don't do it then it won't get done.  But twice this week is better than nothing.  Hopefully I can do better next week.


I'm suddenly feeling bigger and less mobile.  Getting up and down from the couch is awkward and trying to turn over in bed is extremely uncomfortable.  I'm only 16 weeks!!  This shouldn't already be happening, should it?  Okay, yes, I know, I am pregnant with twins, but still. 


I learned something interesting at a meeting at church one night this week.  But not something theological or anything!  During the discussion one of the priests happened to mention that he learned this year from the floral person at Kroger how to properly water poinsettias.  As a result, the poinsettias in our church are still looking pretty good as we get to the end of the Christmas season.  The secret?  You put a cup of ice in each one every three days.  (The amount of ice may depend on the size of the plant, the ones at church are pretty good size.)  There's a random piece of info for you! 

For more Quick Takes, check out Jen Fulwiler's blog post at Conversion Diary.  And please say a prayer for Jen who was unable to put up her own Quick Takes because she had to go to the hospital for an emergency ultrasound on her leg.

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