Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

Today we are at 18 weeks!!  I still can't believe we are this far along and have not had a single issue.  I'm feeling very blessed so far.  Today was also another ultrasound and a regular appointment.  So it's a perfect time to write an update!

Twin Ultrasound
Ultrasounds with twins are slightly different than an ultrasound for a singleton.  They still look for all the same things anatomically, but they also take some additional detailed measurements.  In the case of the kind of twins I have, which are called mono/di twins (one placenta, two sacs), they have to measure the babies' sizes based on head circumference and mid-section (belly) circumference, the size of the sacs, and they check the blood flow through the umbilical cord.  As much as possible, all these measurements should be close to each other.  A discrepancy of 20% indicates that Twin-to-Twin Transfer Syndrome (TTTS) is happening.  TTTS can be fatal to both babies unless caught early and treated.  Thus the reason I will be having ultrasounds every two weeks until at least week 36 or 37.

Today's Ultrasound
We had another great ultrasound today!!  The babies are measuring on time and close to each other, the sacs are measuring the same, and blood flow through the cord looks good.  Heartbeats were 150 for Twin A and 140 for Twin B.  We identified all four chambers of the heart for both babies and identified two kidneys on both of them.  Today they also finished up all the other anatomy stuff as well.  Overall, the babies' weights were approximated to be about 8 ounces.

Because of my previous history with pre-term labor, each time I have an ultrasound I also have a transvaginal ultrasound done to check on the length of my cervix.  I've now had it checked twice and both times it is long and well within normal range (2-4 cm).  So that is also good news!!

OB Appointment
Following the ultrasound I walked down the hall to my next appointment.  Since I had just had an ultrasound we didn't take another look, though my doctor did listen to their heartbeats.  She also measured me and warned me that I would measure farther along than I actually am.  I measured at 25 weeks!!  And as for the ever-important weight gain, I'm about 18 pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Not bad for 18 weeks with twins.

Next Steps
I have both an ultrasound and another OB appointment about two weeks from now.  I can expect the glucose test around week 24 and then non-stress tests will be done starting sometime after that (I forget what she told me today).  Otherwise, I am doing fine and just need to continue moving on.

I'm still nervous and won't feel completely good about everything until we get to 24 weeks.  Hopefully we'll go well beyond that, but 24 weeks is at least viability.  By the time we get to 36 or 37 weeks I may be either induced or have a C-section, depending on what is going on at about that time and the babies' positions.

Other Updates
I am feeling good, no more regular sickness.  I have moments when I'm suddenly famished or feel sick, but they normally don't last long.

I am now fully into wearing maternity clothes.  I went out the other day and bought a few more tops, but I mostly have plenty of stuff between what I have from my sister, the items I bought two years ago, and what I recently bought.  I may have to buy a few summer or lighter tops as we get closer to spring.  But since it's been so cold this winter and it usually is still cool around here through most of April, I won't really need much.  Plus my office is a freezer, so wearing warmer clothes to work doesn't bother me.

I haven't had any recent food aversions, which pleases my husband!  I'm also not eating as much as I had been during the first trimester.  At that time I had to eat to keep from feeling sick.  I'm past that.  I am making sure to eat a properly balanced diet.

We've been watching my belly-button lately, too.  It looks like it might disappear eventually.  It's much more stretched out than usual and, according to my husband, very shallow.  Haha!  I just hope it doesn't pop out!

I'm so grateful that we have made it this far and that everything looks so good.  It is truly a blessing.  I'm also grateful for all those who are praying for us.  Thank you for your prayers and for keeping us in your thoughts.  I am overwhelmed and still amazed at how well things have gone.  I'm afraid to get my hopes up too high, but at the moment I'm feeling positive about things.  Thanks!!


  1. Mary Sangster10:38 PM

    Happy to hear the good news! Always good to see that the baby (babies in this case!) is healthy and doing just what they need to be doing! Sending up prayers that things continue going this well!

  2. praying for you so hard! and I second the notion- if you get to 36 weeks- ask for a shot of steriods for their lungs- be admitted to L and D for a day and then get a c-section. But this is just me...if I were your sister, this is what I would suggest (with a doc's opinion and a second opinion, of course)

    unfortunately and fortunately- it is impossible NOT to get hopes up. I think for all moms- once we know we are pregnant, we dream of their next 25 years in the second it takes to walk to hubby to tell him the news.

  3. Glad to hear everything sounds good!

  4. I second what priest's wife said about the steroids. That made a big difference in my sister's 2 preemie daughters!

  5. Thanks everyone!! It was great to see them again. Looking forward to seeing them in anohter two weeks!

    Thanks also for the suggestion on the steroids. I'll definitely discuss with my doctors.

    Thanks again for all the prayers!!