Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yes! I am Catholic!: Session 2

Tuesday night we went out to the second session of Theology on Tap. I've mentioned before that this is a young adult ministry based on a book of that title by Beth Dotson Brown. I looked up the book tonight on Amazon and it is a series of interviews geared toward teens. She interviews several famous and not so famous people. One person on the list I recognized was Catherine Hicks from the TV show "7th Heaven." I read an interview once with her in a magazine I get and she's a very devout Catholic. Anyway, the book looks like it'd be good for anyone interested in the Catholic Church, anyone trying to rediscover their Catholic roots, and for teens who need good Catholic role models.

Tuesday's guest speaker at ToT was Bob "Righteous B" Lesnefsky. He is a Christian rapper and he performed some of his songs throughout the night. I'm not a fan of rap, but I was surprised at how some of these songs had some melodical parts to them and even the more "rap" like parts were interesting music. He did his songs with guitar and he obviously has had some good training or at least has a great ear. His lyrics were good and very honest.

He was also very honest about everything he talked about. He talked about his wife and his four kids, how when he met her she had plans to be a nun, and, most importantly, how he found his Catholic roots again after falling far away from the Church. Now he not only performs as a rapper, mostly doing teen retreats and talks like ours around the country, but he also runs an inner city youth ministry. Because most inner city churches are very poor and can't afford to hire a youth ministry this group provides that kind of ministry, working as a non-profit. They currently have one Catholic Youth ministry set up in Steubenville, OH and are planning on opening two others in the next year (in Queens, NYC, NY and Rochester, NY). You can find out more at their blog called Dirty Vagabond Ministries.

Next week's session will have two speakers: the youth minister from my parish and the director of the youth and young adult ministries for our diocese. Hope you can come out if you're in the area!

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