Monday, January 14, 2008

Blue 2.0

This post will be dedicated to some "Web 2.0" stuff I'm doing at work. To my family and friends who read this blog, you can safely ignore this post.

I set up my blog in August of 2006, so I've had it a while. It was easy to set up then and when Blogger updated their programs it was easy to convert over. I think at that time I also changed my background and when I did I lost all my little customizations (added links and so forth). Not sure why that happened, but it was easy enough to re-create them.

Hope everyone else enjoys creating their blogs. For all other Blue 2.0 stuff I will add a link to this post on the left side. From there the tag/label for "Blue 2.0" can be used to get to this and other future postings. (I don't currently use tags much, so haven't had a need to display a list of all my tags which may be up to 2 now!)

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