Monday, January 21, 2008

Preparing the townhouse

Wow! What a busy weekend. For me, it is still the weekend, for a few more hours anyway. We spent a lot of time at the townhouse Saturday preparing it to put on the market. I cleaned and Chris painted. The walls look sooooo much better than before!!!

Sunday we took a break: went to Mass, had a nice breakfast, read the paper, did the grocery shopping, and relaxed.

I was off from work today for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, but Chris had to go to work. I had my adoration hour this morning at 6am and then came home to have breakfast with my husband before he went off to work. Then, I started my very busy day.

I actually cooked dinner for us tonight!! I ran to the store and grabbed a pork loin which I then prepared for the crock pot. So while that was cooking I headed over to the townhouse to begin the major cleaning. I was there for 5 hours and did not get everything done I needed to get done. But, what I did do looks great!! I spent most of my time on the kitchen and the rest of the main floor. I dusted light fixtures and fans, cleaned the tops of cabinets and other high areas, and washed down the entire kitchen. I also managed to clean the kitchen window and the sliding glass doors and vacuum the living room. Oh, and I cleaned, dusted and washed, alll the baseboards!!! Not a whole lot left now: bathrooms and bedrooms mostly. We should be able to get those done in a few hours.

I got home tonight after doing all of that and I was exhuasted. Dinner was great and we're going to use the leftover pork for another recipe later in the week. I love this cookbook!! It's all slow coker recipes, except for the leftover recipes. Some of the really large recipes tell you how to store the leftovers and then use them in other (quicker) recipes. Very cool!! I think this is going to be my new favorite cookbook.

Regarding the townhouse: it's going to look great once we finish the cleaning, get the carpets cleaned, and I add a few little touches to make it look pretty. Know anyone looking for a house? It's a perfect first house! Especially if you don't like doing yard work!! Let me know!!

Tuesday is the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. There is a huge pro-life march in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, but you probably won't see it on the news or anything. It happens every year and it is always really big, but it doesn't get much press. I'll try to post something here tomorrow about the march as well as some links to pro-life sites. Tomorrow might also be a goood time for me to start a little project I have been thinking about lately. I'll save more info on that until tomorrow.

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