Thursday, September 27, 2007

And the answer is ...

Not to audition!

I couldn't sleep last night, at all! I think I got two hours of sleep, maybe three. I managed to get to work by 8:30 somehow, I actually have no idea how I managed that.

The presentation/demo I went to at 9 was horrible. The product was actually good, although from what the sales guy said, it won't work on our sound recordings or specialized DVDs. He told me that CDs had ISBN numbers and was very insistant that more and more CDs had ISBNs. I guess he doesn't know what ISBN means: International Standard Book Number!! I definitely made sure to correct him and told him that I spent most of my day looking at CDs and I know they do not have ISBN numbers! Anyway, despite the product actually being pretty decent the presentation itself was pretty awful to sit through. Before a company sends someone out to a group of librarians to sell a product they should make sure the guy knows the lingo, knows what ISBN stands for, and make sure he knows how to use a web browser. Thankfully it lasted only an hour instead of the two hours it was slated for.

I spent the rest of the day trying to get some work done, but I was way too tired. Finally it was 5 and I left. I was afraid to sit for too long once I got home, I thought I might fall asleep and sleep right through rehearsal. So I ate, talked to my dad for a while then talked to my mom and then headed off for rehearsal. By the time we finished the first half of rehearsal and broke for auditions I knew I couldn't stay. So I left and didn't do the audition. I'm not worried. I also haven't told the director that I might not make the February concert.

So since I was out of rehearsal early, I went to Chris' house. Yes, I should have gone home and gone to bed, but I wanted to see my fiance. We talked some, prayed a rosary together, and I finally headed home. Now it's time to head to bed! Good night!!


  1. Caitlin4:39 PM

    YAY for it being October!!!! I am in complete shock that you'll be married in just a few weeks! I can't wait :)

  2. Hey Caitlin!! Me too! I can't believe it either!! It is so exciting!! I can't wait to have everyone here, what a wonderful celebration it'll be!!

    YAY for October!!