Sunday, September 02, 2007

For Emily and Timothy

Even a short life deserves to be recognized. Yesterday (Saturday) we went to a Memorial Mass for Emily Jane and Timothy Thomas, twins who died while still in the womb.

My future sister-in-law miscarried several weeks ago. The families all came together yesterday to participate in this Mass and then we went to the cemetary where the babies are buried to say a short prayer there as well.

The Mass was simple and solemn, the priest's homily was good, and the short prayer service at the cemetary was moving. It was really wonderful to be able to do this for them and to know that through the baptism of desire the babies are in heaven and their mom and dad will see them one day.

Please take a moment to say a short prayer for the souls of these two babies, Emily Jane and Timothy Thomas. And also for their parents and two older brothers.

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