Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To audition, or not to audition ... that is the question!

I've had a very busy week. Work is a bit more stressful these days and wedding stuff is a little stressful as well. I'm working through a lot of challenges right now, but I know that I will pull through them all, just like I always have. I managed to almost entirely write a master's thesis in about two months. That was quite a feat!

Anyway, so on top of all that I am also debating on auditioning for my spot in the band I play with. Thursday night is rehearsal, but only a half rehearsal and then the director is doing auditions for only the new members. But on the audition list he listed a part for "solo clarinet consideration," which is my curent position. I'm not worried, but I do like to be sure. Only problem, I haven't really had a chance to practice in months and all my reeds are terrible. I need to order new reeds--none of the music stores here keep the kind I use in stock.

So I played through the excerpt tonight and the scales he wants are easy enough. I just can't determine the tempo of the excerpt and I can't find a recording. I work in a music library and we don't have a recording anywhere of the piece, even through our streaming audio databases. But I think I'm close to the tempo, I hope.

I'm tempted to just go in and play for fun. Someone told me it might actually be a good stress releaver. She might be right! And auditions never hurt. Any other opinions? Will I be making a fool out of myself by auditioning or is it good to do to at least show that I don't want to lose my current spot?

Lots to think about. In the meantime, I have to get to bed so I can get to work by 8, read through several long documents and then sit in meetings from 9-12:30!! Wish me luck, I need it!!

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