Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Preparing for the Move

Monday night I went to Chris' house to start moving his stuff around. We moved all his furniture from the master bedroom into the guest bedroom, vacuumed the master bedroom, and then started painting one wall. Oh, yeah, we picked out paint on Sunday for that room! I'm so excited!

So now the master is empty and Chris is sleeping in his guest room. This weekend we're painting and then the following weekend we're moving my bedroom furniture and some other pieces of furniture that I'm keeping into his house. Then I'll be sleeping in my guest room.

By the way, anyone want to come help us move things on October 6? We'll feed you!

I'm leaving work soon to go back to his house and I'll see what the paint looks like once it's dried. I think it is exactly what we're looking for!

Side note: I heard that the bachelor party went well. Chris had the least to drink and ended up being the designated driver; he was kind of the lightweight of the group!! And from the sound of it they all had a great time!


  1. What shall we do with the two of you? Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are for the bride and groom to have fun and do the drinking not the attendees.

    Glad that the party went well though.

    Exciting, you are getting the bedroom painted. That will be nice.

  2. The Groom6:41 PM

    Hey, benotafraid, let's see you try keeping up with a certain rabid UK fan while the football team is beating yet another opponent. It's not my fault I can't hold my liquor. :-)

  3. Yikes, yeah I did not even think about that. I bet it was hard to control the rabid UK fan, especially after UofL lost for the second time in two weeks.