Monday, October 01, 2007

Our Busy Weekend: Friends and Painting

Good morning to everyone!!

We had a great weekend and I hope you did too. First we drove over to Louisville on Saturday morning and met up with a friend of mine for breakfast. We drove over to an IHOP on the Indiana side of the river. It was so much fun to catch up with her and I can't believe that I get to see her three times in five months!! She was in Louisville for a conference and she'll be back in KY in three weeks for our wedding.

Once we got back to Lexington we started in on our painting project. We managed to paint the whole master bedroom in about 2 hours, 3 if you count prep and cleanup time. I love the color!! And I'm so glad we have some more color in that house!

Sunday we went to Mass, had breakfast at Chris' house, read the paper a bit, and then headed off to multiple stores to run some errands. It was a good productive day. We also heard from Chris' brother who told us that he proposed to his girlfriend on Saturday evening! We're very excited for them and looking forward to another wedding now, possibly next September.

Have a great week!!

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