Saturday, August 12, 2006

True Exhaustion

Today I discovered true exhaustion. Our Board meeting started just after 10am, we broke for lunch from 1pm until 1:40, took a 10 minute break at around 4:30 (and then only because I requested it), and we ended around 6:30pm. Minus the breaks, thats still almost 8 hours of discussing programs, budgeting, reports, other meetings, and who knows what else.

Tonight at dinner I thought I was going to fall asleep. It's only just after 10pm now and I am planning on hitting the bed very soon!

Tomorrow we head out, but I'm going to go visit a friend I haven't seen in a year who lives near Columbus. I am going to go to Church with her and her family. Then I'll be heading back to Lexington!

Good night all! Columbus has been great, but I'm ready to get back home. --K


  1. Nice new blog, ms. K. The one time I was in Columbus was ages ago. And that was before I followed college football.

    Speaking of which, OSU is ranked #1 right now, with ND sharing #3 spot with USC. Not your USC, sorry! But I'd bet your USC should fare well this year, yeah?

  2. I'm exhausted reading about your day... :)

  3. Hi Tuan!! thanks for the compliment. I've enjoyed doing this!! Congrats to your team for the #3 slot. Hopefully we'll see some good things from the REAL USC this year!!

  4. Tara: it was pretty exhausting!! Just trying to type up the minutes now is pretty exhausting! Hope you are well!!