Monday, August 07, 2006

A New Monday Schedule

Hi Friends and Family!

Today was the first day of a new schedule for me. I woke up at 4:15 am in order to be at church by 6am. I made it there by 5:55! When I arrived I replaced the one person in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel and was alone before the Blessed Sacrament for about 30 minutes. It was so quiet and I could still see how dark it was outside. It was actually very humbling to be alone with Jesus there in the chapel. It really was a great way to start my week and, once I get used to the early hour, it'll be a great time to talk with God and pray for the well-being of all my friends and family. I started having company by 6:30, but then had a few moments alone again right before 7am when my replacement showed up.

Going off to work after my morning with the Blessed Sacrament was nice and much more calming than usual. Amazingly the project that I set aside two and a half days for got almost completely accomplished today. The last time I worked on this same project I was ready to tear my hair out, wanted to throw the computer across the room, and probably spent a whole week on it. I think I had extra support today (from above as well as from my very capable friend Kim who gave of her time and her amazing technical skills to help me out!! Thanks Kim!!).

The nice thing about Monday's now is that I can leave work at 4pm. Very little traffic driving home! I think I'm going to like my new schedule.

Tonight I joined friends at a local bar for Theology on Tap, a young adult ministry started years ago in Chicago and now appearing all over the country. In Lexington we have two six-week sessions a year. This 6-week session is called Faith in Action (they have a Hollywood clap board and everything!) and all the speakers have talked about their various outreach ministries. It's been a great session. Tonight was a priest who works in the prison system, he's at the federal hospital prison here in Lexington. His ministry sounds very interesting.

It's been a long day and I'm very tired now (at only 10:15!!) so I am heading to bed so I can be up bright and early for a new day tomorrow.

Blessings to all!! --K


  1. Shawna2:06 PM

    Hey Kerri!

    I am glad to hear that you had a great time in Chicago! I am looking forward to your visit here in less than a month!! Caroline has been asking about you :) She has two teeth coming in! Talk to you soon!

  2. Tell Caroline I'll be there soon! Can't wait to see her and all of you as well! Love you all, --K