Friday, August 11, 2006

Made it to Columbus

I'm in Columbus, OH. Finally! Got here around 4:20pm. My morning started with a flat tire when I pulled into the parking lot of the clubhouse where my faculty retreat was taking place. Luckily we were in Lexington for the retreat this year. Last year we were in Danville, about an hour away. Called AAA, got the spare on, went home to grab the full size tire that was in my garage, went to S&S, had them replace the tire and check the air in the other three, and was back at the faculty meeting by 10:30. S&S only charged me $15.

I left Lexington after the lunch and went by my house again to pick up a few missed items, including a jacket (in August, you ask ... yes!), and was on the road just after 1pm. Traffic in Cincinnati was slow for some reason, but otherwise it was an uneventful trip with only minor amounts of rain. We are staying at a Bed & Breakfast on the "Near North" side of Columbus. The place is called the Harrison House and is very nice. We are the only guests here, four of us and one person's wife is with him. We met in the Parlor of the B&B for drinks and munchies with the CEO of OCLC. He left just before 7 and then we all headed out to dinner together.

Tomorrow we have breakfast, then our Board meeting all day. We are having the meeting at our OCLC rep's house, which apparently is in walking distance of where we are staying.

Oh, and about that jacket I picked up ... I did use it. Don't know what the temp is right now, but I bet it is around 65 or less. Definitely no humidity in the air!! It feels great and should be like this all weekend. So, yes, I have actually used the jacket.

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