Thursday, August 31, 2006

Atlanta Here we come

Chris and I are heading to Atlanta tomorrow morning. He will be meeting my entire family for the first time. He's met some of my family, but not all of them yet. We're both looking forward to a few days of relaxation. We have no planned itinerary while we're in Atlanta, just relax and enjoy!

Of course, I have been doing basically nothing for just over a week now. I've been sick since last Wednesday and have been to the doctor twice. I cancelled my first class meeting this past Tuesday and have only been to work a total of three hours in the past 7 work days. It appears that I have some kind of tonsilitis with a touch of laryngitis, plus a sinus infection, and pink eye. But I'm getting over it now and will hopefully not contaminate any of my family while I'm visiting them this weekend.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all. May you all have safe travels.

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