Monday, August 21, 2006

Noises Everywhere

Have you ever realized just how much noise you listen to every day? Every so often some study is done or some scientific report comes out about something to do with air pollution or white noise or whatever. Well, today I have noticed just how much we don't appreciate silence.

This morning I went to Church for my 6am Holy Hour and the lights were out in the chapel when I got there. The only light was from the four candles around the Blessed Sacrament and the light streaming in through the door's window from the hallway. It was earily quiet. I wasn't alone at all this morning as I prayed and did some reading, but the peace and quiet was very soothing. Sometime around 6:45 someone came in and turned the lights on.

When I left at 7am, it was still pretty quiet outside. The sun was just coming up and not too many people were driving to work yet. But once I turned my car on and the radio started playing, I had to turn it off. It was way too loud!

As today has progressed I have gotten more accustomed to the regular noise of my day. I sit at my desk listening to a CD on my computer through a head set and the fans are really loud in my office. I can hear people talking and I just tune them all out. More noises from boxes being opened, plastic being ripped, the stamps clanging against books, and so on and so on.

I miss that real quiet time from this morning and probably won't feel it again until next Monday. Eucharistic Adoration is such a powerful and beautiful experience in so many ways. Today I relaized just how important REAL quiet is and how little of it we really have in our lives.

Here's hoping that everyone finds some quiet time somewhere in thier lives! Cheers!! K

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