Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 26

How far along: 26 weeks, which is 2 weeks past the first short term goal my docs had for me and 2 weeks until the next goal!  According to The Preemie Primer: babies born at 26w 0d-26w 6d have a survival rate of 85% with a 25% chance of either severe or minor disability among survivors (Gunter, 2010).  We're making progress!!

14 inches, approximate size of a baby at 26 weeks,
though hopefully baby isn't as skinny.

How big are babies: They are approximately 1 and 2/3 pounds and about 14 inches long, similar to the length of an English cucumber (pictured right).

Weight gain: I have now gained approximately 25 pounds.  Had a two pound gain this week which is the most I've had in a while.  Doing really well, which is totally surprising me!

Cravings: Thanks to both hubby and my sister, my cravings from last week were more than satisfied.  As of now, no cravings ... unless chocolate counts.

Aversions: Nothing here either.  I'm happy eating most anything!  Which makes my slow weight gain even more mysterious!

Belly button: Outie all the way!!

Movement: Oh my, this has really been getting stronger!!  I feel them a lot more now.  Have even been playing music on my iPod to my tummy and feeling the babies move a lot while the music is playing.  (My music of choice for babies has been my classical channel on Pandora, which consists primarily of classical works for winds and clarinet music.  Yes, I'm going to bias them toward wind music from the very beginning!)

Leg cramps: Believe it or not, still none!!  Another surprise.  Restless is another story, but I'm working on that.

Sleeping: Not much change here.  A full night of sleep is now an elusive dream.  Feeling the babies a bit more keeps me up some, the frequent bathroom trips don't help, and the prometrium is also making it hard to sleep.  I mentioned the medication to the nurse at my appointment today and she said that she has heard from others too that it can make sleep difficult.  Good to know I'm not crazy for blaming the medicine!!

Ultrasound: Had one yesterday.  Cervix is still stable at about 1.2 cm.  The doctor was very pleased with this, as am I!  The babies both looked good as well, though no real measurements were taken since this wasn't the point of this particular appointment.  The only concern that came up was with the fluid levels around the babies.  One had about 5 cm., the other 8 cm.  8 was a little high but 5 is adequate.  So no one is too low, just one of them is potentially a little high.  They had two different techs take measurements in order to confirm this.  On the other hand, the Doppler measurements (on the cord blood flow) were good and about the same for each, which is actually a more accurate measurement than the fluid measurement anyway.  At the moment, they are not yet concerned, but they want me to come back in a week for a full growth ultrasound.  We'll get much better numbers at that appointment.

Appointment: Went in today for this and we discussed the ultrasound results more.  I feel better about things after talking with my doctor about it.  Saw the babies again briefly and heard their heartbeats (160 and 120; yesterday they were both about 144).  Also got some tips on dealing with heartburn, which I may need to use tonight.  She also measured me and I am measuring at 34 weeks for a singleton.  Oh, and I took the fun glucose test!!  The orange drink wasn't too bad.  I downed it with a straw in about 2 minutes (totally impressed hubby!).  The blood test was also really quick and painless.  You just can't beat a good phlebotemist!  The bruise and lump on my arm, however, is another story.  Guess she burst the vein.  Overall it was a good appointment.

Notable this week: For this week, no particular event stands out.  Instead, I am just thinking about how grateful I am to be where I am and to have the love and support of so many friends and family and others who read this blog, whether we know each in real life or not.  I've been touched on several occasions lately by comments people have left me and by private messages that have been sent (whether on here, on Facebook, or email messages).  I also found out a couple weeks ago that several people I know through the local Cursillo community and others are doing or have done a novena for me.  All these things are just so touching and I am amazed at the love and support that I have been shown.  Even today, I went back for my appointment got weighed and then walked down to the exam room.  The nurse did what she needed to do, we talked some, and then she left.  A few moments later she poked her head into the room to tell me that one of the residents who had been in on my cerclage surgery was in the hallway when I walked by and she wanted to know how far along I was now.  It seems that there are doctors, nurses, residents, and fellows everywhere that are thinking of me. 

All this in the midst of the tragedy in Japan and other areas around the Pacific that were effected by the earthquake and tsunami, just leave me in awe of the support that is being shown to me.  I am no one special (thus the name of this blog), and yet somehow I am being made to feel so loved and supported.  Thank you to everyone for reading along, keeping me, hubby, and our babies in your thoughts and prayers, and for the love and support you provide to us during this time.  It is definitely felt and appreciated!

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  1. great update! tons of prayers coming your way!