Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joy Moments

Is it easy for you to find joy admist tough times?  Or are you like me and finding those bright spots in tough times is ... well ... tough?

What about joy in just the everyday?  Do you easily recognize those fleeting moments of joy admist the housecleaning, work, errands, diapers, etc.?  Or does the day go by and leave you feeling joy-less?

I don't always recognize those fleeting "joy moments" in the everyday.  And in terms of difficult circumstances, forget it.  I tend to get too wrapped up in the circumstances themselves and don't see those precious joy moments when they come.  No matter how small.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  I do think that no matter what is happening in someone's life it is important to still recognize those small moments of joy that can crop up unexpectantly.  For me, even when dealing with the loss of a pregnancy, there were moments of joy that I'm sure I didn't recognize at the time.

It's good for our health as well.  Just to smile one time can do a world of wonder for our bodies.  Not to mention our souls.  And I believe sharing those joy moments with friends can help lift up the spirits of those who are dealing with difficulties and aren't able to recognize their own joy moments.

I said above that I sometimes find it difficult to recognize what I call "joy moments."  And yet, when I hear other people's joy moments I start recognizing them in my life as well.

Joy moments don't have to be big, most likely they will be small.  A sunset that catches your attention; the mildew on a morning spiderweb on the back porch; your toddler smiling at you; hearing form a friend who you haven't talked to in a while; the cashier at the grocery store smiling and being polite when you've had a rough day.  If it brings a smile to your face, even for just a moment, that's a moment of joy!

Being on bedrest was what got me thinking about this.  One of my doctors talked to me about depression and while thinking about that possibility, this is what came to mind.  The best way to deal with endless days on the couch in the same room, is to recognize the little joys around me when they occur.

Now, I can't say I've been particularly successful at this.  But I am trying to keep it on my mind so that I will recognize the Joy Moments in my life.  So once a week (Tuesdays?), I plan on posting at least one Joy Moment.

But I also want to hear about your Joy Moment!!  You can leave a comment on my post, or post about your Joy Moment on your own blog and leave a link to the post in the comments here.  We'll see how far we can spread this, maybe if enough bloggers are interested we can look into adding a Mr. Linky or something.  But we'll start small for now.

So with that intro, my recent Joy Moment:

After Mass on Sunday a lady who I see every week but have never talked to approached me and asked when I was due.  She also asked for my name and said she would be praying for me.  I've been so touched by all the prayers and support from so many and it was even more touching to have a stranger approach me and offer to pray for us.  It made me smile and thank God for the wonderful people in my parish.

What is your Joy Moment?
Leave a comment or write about it on your own blog and leave a link to the post in the comments here.  Looking forward to sharing our Joy Moments!!


  1. oh- I need to be reminded of this...take joy!

    My joy moment...hmmmmm...it hasn't been easy with 4 coughers in the house and I din't do well with sleep deprivation...

    seeing my two littles playing together- it's a lot of fun to watch them

  2. Mary Sangster5:48 AM

    I'm like you (and probably most of humanity!) in that finding those joy moments can be tough when you're in a hard situation already. I struggle with depression also, which certainly doesn't help! But I find that when I'm in a bad mood or just am feeling down, just looking out for those joy moments can brighten my day! So I've made it a sort of challenge for myself: when I'm in a praticularly bad mood, or struggling with some hardship in life, or pissed off at someone, I make it my mission to find some little thing that's good and joyful that I can think the lord for. Even when I don't immediately find something, just the change in attitude usually does wonders for my outlook. These days, many of my joy moments surround my kids. My almost-two-year-old loves to give hugs and kisses and he will randomly stop playing and come to give my a kiss/hug; I'm also pregnant with a little girl, and every kick and dance move she does makes me smile a little. I also try to fill my house with little things that are beautiful or meaningful to me, so I can enjoy the beauty of a flower, or the sweetness of a joyful memory. I've even found odd joy moments in the midst of my grumpiness - just last week I was soooooo irritated because my husband had filled the dishwasher and half the dishes were still dirty, many because of how he had loaded them. When I realized how annoyed I was, I decided to challenge myself to find joy. Well, I looked back down and saw that he had actually loaded *every single glass* so that it was upright, and now filled with dirty/soapy water. The sheer ridiculous-ness of seeing all those glasses sitting there full of water just made me burst out laughing, and I was able to thank God for my husband and his efforts to do chores to help our family, as I dumped out all the glasses and re-loaded them for another wash. :)

  3. Jenny Spalding9:42 AM

    Hmmmm... there are a few joy moments that come to mind. One has to be watching Shawn at his first soccer practice last night. He's growing up so fast! He acted so grown up and gave his all! Another would be the sweet smile on Sarah's face this morning as she crawled into my bed and laid her head on my chest with a sweet "Hi Mamma!" A third would be the tight squeeze around my neck Abby gave me this morning, and lastly, looking out the back door to see the young new leaves budding out on the trees! Thanks Kerri for helping bring all these to mind again!

  4. Katie Kamuf12:02 PM

    Let's see ... taking the time to really voice a joy moment with a busy schedule is actually quite uplifting and seems to put perspective in my day. Finding out the Joseph is allergic to something in my detergent is a joy moment in my life recently. Seeing a much happier little boy since finding this out makes doing ALL the laundry "over again" with a dye free, phosphate free, color free detergent doesn't seem so frustrating in my already busy week.

  5. Wow, what great Joy Moments from everyone!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. thank you for a reminder to appreciate the joys in my life. the most recent - playing peek-a-boo with baby e and the beautiful smile he gives me, reserved just for me!