Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 21 Update

This post was started on Thursday evening in an attempt to write and post from my iPod Touch, which turned out to not be a good idea.  It is now Friday evening.  Circumstances also warrant me writing a different kind of update than my previous ones.

In my last update I mentioned that at my ultrasound last week my cervix was shorter. The next day I saw my OB and we discussed what was involved in a cerclage and what we can expect to happen from here on out. I left that appointment feeling better.

The rest of the week went just fine, had a nice weekend with my family in Atlanta (see last post), and Monday and Tuesday this week were uneventful. No cramps, no contractions, nothing. Wednesday I went back to ultrasound for another look at the cervix. The news wasn't good.

I left there and headed straight to the hospital where I sit now.

My cervix had actually dilated 2 cm and the sac had descended down. I was checked out last night and admitted. I spent the rest of the night and most of today laying tilted back toward my head. I went in for surgery on Thursday around 1:30pm Eastern time to have the cerclage put in. Sleeping on my head worked! The sac had retreated some and the doctor was able to put in two stitches. She was very pleased. The worst part was getting the spinal and even that was not all that bad (even if they did have to try numbing me in about 4 different places to find a spot that would work).

I finally got to eat tonight and I'm feeling much better now (it had been over 24 hours since I had eaten). We checked the babies' heartbeats once I was back in my room and they going strong both at around 149/150.

This was the end of what I wrote Thursday.  It is now Friday.

It is now Friday and I'm still here.  I'm receiving antibiotics through an IV at various points during the day.  This is just to be sure that no infections develop, which is the biggest risk to us (me and the babies) at this point.  I'm told I'll probably go home on Sunday morning.

Future plans as of now: I'll be seeing someone once a week and I'll be on bedrest, probably from here on out.  Once we get to 24 weeks, I'll start getting a shot once a week of steroids to help the babies lungs develop.  They want to get me to 28 weeks at least, with the hope that we can go further.  My doctor is pretty sure I won't go all the way to 37 weeks, but we do hope to go past 28 weeks.  If the cerclage holds and nothing else comes up, we should  be able to.  I'm hopeful!

Throughout all of this I know many, many people have been praying for us.  The word spread fast on Facebook and I've appreciated all the notes, comments, prayers, emails, and wall posts I've received.  I may not be able to thank everyone individually, but I do appreciate all of it!!  Thank you all!!


  1. I'm still praying for you, as are many of my friends and family members! Keep those peanuts baking!

  2. I'm glad you are getting good care- praying for you!

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  4. I've been thinking of you and saying lots of prayers for you and the babies. So glad to hear that sleeping on your head did the trick enough to get the cerclage! Prayers for an uneventful few weeks!

  5. Glad to hear good news, even though bedrest and fear of pre-term labor still lies ahead. You and babies are in our prayers!

  6. Putting you and the babies in our rosary journal. God bless you all. And thank God for modern medicine!

  7. I'm praying! Tell those little ones to stay IN where they belong.

  8. Thank you all for the continued prayers!! I can't say enough how much they mean to me.