Friday, February 18, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday, vol. 15

I knew it had been a while since I had participated in "Seven Quick Takes" just didn't realize it had been almost a month!!  I guess now that I'm on bedrest I don't have much of an excuse.  So time to jump back in ...


At my appointments yesterday (Thursday) we got some good news.  Yay!!  The cerclage is holding and everything is closed now, as it should be!  My OB measured me and at 22 weeks now I am measuring at 28 weeks.  Ah the joy of a twin pregnancy!  I left with two more prescriptions and two future appointments on the books.  One of those prescriptions, we discovered last night, is incredibly expensive and not covered by insurance.  So I haven't gotten it yet, the pharmacist is going to check it again with my doctor and let us know.  The second is one I will take to the hospital in a couple weeks for two steroid shots (24 hours apart) which will help the babies' lungs develop.


The whole bedrest thing is going well.  Of course I say that only one week in and with many more weeks (hopefully) to look forward to.  But I am keeping up with email and blogs, reading the pile of books I had accumulated, listening to podacsts, and thinking about other projects I could do from my couch location.  My husband's office is also not too far away so it is easy for him to come home for lunch.   And I've had friends volunteer to come by and bring me lunch as well.  One is coming today.  So I have some diversions here and there as well.  The one thing I am trying to avoid is turning on the TV.  I have some, but once it is on, it stays on the rest of the day and I don't do anything else.  I don't want to spend this time vegging in front of the TV.


I've complained before about how I fail at finding prayer time.  Wouldn't you think I'd now have the perfect opportunity to put it in every day?  Even something simple?  Well, so did I.  So far I have managed to do one rosary all week.  I'm sure it is because I don't have a habit of it.  So that's what I'll be working on some in the coming weeks.  Plus Lent is coming up and I think I'll be adding something this year instead of giving something up.  Just seems to fit my situation better.


Baby Names.   We don't plan on sharing the names we have chosen until the babies are born.  This gives us the opportunity to discuss it as much as we like and no one else has the opportunity to offer their opinions, positive or negative.  But we are stuck on boy names.  We have two girl names, just not boy names.  We joke that maybe we'll name boys Cyril and Methodius, but we won't!  I want them to be saint names or derivations of a saint name, possibly family names (usually as a middle name), and I don't like the common, common names.  Hubby prefers names that are a bit more common than I usually like.  It's hard with boy names!!  They are either incredibly common or incredibly strange with almost nothing in the middle.  I am also not a huge fan of nicknames.  If a name is really long we'll use a nickname, but I would prefer a name that was easy to say with or without falling back on a nickname.  Our last name is German with a hard syllable at the end and hubby is adament about the last syllable on the end of a first name not being the same.  I find myself drawn to Irish names (I can't help it) and many seem to go well with our German last name, but hubbby usually doesn't care for them.  He keeps promising that he'll look at the baby name book we have and come up with suggestions, but he hasn't yet.  I'm feeling like we need to have a decision made soon (what if they are born around 24 weeks!!), but he doesn't seem to have feel the same pressure that I am feeling. 

I know in the end it'll all work out, but I want it to come together now.  I'm curious about what your boy names are for your male children.  Both first and middle.  I just like looking at suggestions and hoping that something will strike me.


Last night I finally started looking at baby equipment for the first time.  I found a website that discusses baby equipment for twins with lots of comments in a variety of categories from other twin moms.  That was helpful.  I explored more of the website and while there is lots of good info, it looks like it is now an inactive community and the pages haven't been updated since 2004.  But at least the info that is available is still pretty useful.  One of the things I was looking for was a bassinet.  There appears to be one bassinet out there for twins.  It's a playard with a top that has two bassinets.  But after reading the reviews on it, I'm ambivalent about purchasing this item.  Lots of negative reviews and the ones that were positive were usually more positive about the playard itself and not the bassinet part.  I love the pack n' plays with the bassinets attached, but two of those are not going to fit in our bedroom.  I think I might be looking on Craig's List for two used bassinets.  But I'm only at the beginning of my search..  Much more research to come ... and I have plenty of time to do it in now.


Next week my mother will be here visiting with me.  It'll be great to have her here to help me out and get me to my appointments.  It'll also give hubby a break so he doesn't have to work is work schedule around taking me to appointments.  I hve two next week (a dentist appointment and an ultrasound).  Plus maybe with her here we can get started on a baby registry, because honestly I have no idea what we really need.


Last and most certainly not least, I just wanted to brag on my husband.  He has been great this week, even despite being sick himself for a couple days.  He came home from work on Monday to have lunch with me; he went to his 6am adoration hour on Tuesday morning and then came home to have breakfast with me (and ended up staying home and working from here since he was sick); he took a half day on Thursday to take me to my appointments and ended up missing a lunch meeting he had wanted to go to; and he's done laundry, all the clean up and dishes after each meal, and has made several runs up and down the stairs when I've accidentally left something on one floor after moving to another.  He's been great and I love him!!

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Have a  nice weekend!!


  1. prayers are still coming your way- another computer-based idea- do you use Pandora? You can make your own radio stations- I suggest as much chant as possible- good for de-stressing

    Good idea with not sharing name ideas- my sister liked to use the name 'Pat' when asked her top secret name(remember that annoying Saturday Night Live sketch?)

  2. Sounds like things are going well! And what a great hubby!

    I agree about boys names - they're either very common or very uncommon! We do family names for middle names, but were going for Biblical or saint names for first. If we'd had a boy, we were leaning towards David or Elijah, and for the next one I think Leo (which is also my grandpa's name) will be in the running. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Boys names were hard for us too. We named our boys Kevin Francis and Stephen Dennis. Their saints are St. Francis of Assisi and St. Stephen of Hungary (who was named for St. Stephen the first martyr). Stephen (who is 5 never goes by Steve, though, only his full name).
    Blessings on your pregnancy!