Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 23

How far along: 23 weeks!  Amazing to have made it this far!

How big are babies: they each weigh a little over a pound and are roughly 1l inches long

Cravings: none to speak of

Aversions: none here either

Belly button: I think we're on our way to an outie. 

Movement: Still not very strong, but feeling them on and off at times, especially when it's quiet and I'm still.

Leg cramps: none this week!!  I'm actually surprised by this considering that I'm no longer getting any exercise.  I must be getting all the right vitamins and minerals I need.

Sleeping: I am getting sleep, can feel the babies move a lot more while I'm in bed trying to fall asleep.  And of course, I do have to get up 2-3 times during the night.  Being on bedrest, I'm actually surprised I've been able to get to sleep each night without lying awake for hours.  So that's good!

Ultrasound/Appointment: My last two appointments were last Thursday.  I reported on those in #1 on this post.  My next appointment is with ultrasound this coming Friday morning.

Notable this week: My mom is here with me this week which has been nice.  Just sitting around talking and watching TV.  It is nice to have her here so she could take me to my dentist appointment on Monday and she'll take me to my ultrasound appointment on Friday.

Very glad to have made it this far!  Feels a bit surreal.


  1. prayers coming your way! I can't wait to get to your 33 week update! :)

  2. Nice, normal update - yay!! Hi K's Mom! :) Glad you have company this week. Keep up the great work... still praying...

  3. Great news, Kerri. Keep that resting going. God bless you. Prayers will keep coming your way. Arlene