Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday: Sick Babies, Sick Mom, Potty Tales, and Bad Purchases


Guess who is 4 months old!


Easter Sunday we got up early and went to the 7:30 Mass. We then had a leisurely breakfast before heading out to my in-laws place for the afternoon. It's important to note here that Peter had a fever briefly on Saturday. But he was fine the rest of the day. So Sunday we checked him and he seemed fine, so we continued on with our plans. Of course, we get ready to sit down for dinner at my in-laws house and he starts acting fussy and complaining. He felt really hot and I ended up sitting with him in another room for a good part of the meal. He was not interested in eating.

I felt bad for bringing a sick kid into a house with a bunch of other people, including other small kids. Yes, I was that inconsiderate parent who brought a sick kid to someone else's house. Oh, how I hate to be that person!! In my defense, he was fine all morning. And later that day, after dinner, he seemed fine again and was playing with his brother. He still wouldn't eat anything, though.


I decided on Sunday night that Peter needed to stay home on Monday. Although he perked up later on Sunday, he seemed out of sorts again by the time we got home that night. So he and I stayed home (and Silas too). His fever was pretty mild throughout the day, he was mostly in good spirits, and he was eating again.

I was another story. My nose started running like a fountain and I spent the day sneezing, blowing my nose, and dealing with watery eyes. Seasonal allergies? A sinus infection? I have no idea. Monday was a rough day for me!!


So we spent a good part of Monday watching PBS. The boys don't get to watch the kid shows on PBS very often. They are usually at school during the week and our local PBS channel doesn't air these cartoons on the weekends. So it's rare. Even so, they know a couple of the shows and often ask for them. So Monday night we were finishing up dinner and Ethan was still at the table. He started asking me if we could watch "Dinosaur Train." I had to explain that it wasn't on now so we couldn't watch it. I should have stopped there. [What is wrong with me?] I then told him that Peter and I watched it earlier in the day because Peter was home sick. Suddenly, Ethan gave me this very sad face, leaned his head to one side, and started whining, "sick, sick." I about died laughing! No child, you're not sick. I guess he'll do anything just to watch "Dinosaur Train."


Tuesday morning Silas had his 4 month well visit. He did well and even showed off his new rolling over talent for the doctor. Oh yeah, he's rolling over now! Forgot to mention that. He is becoming a big boy! He's actually in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. That's a big number for my kids! He also had his shots. He did well at first. I kept him home afterwards though. I still wasn't feeling great and I figured he might do better being with me the rest of the day. He mostly did well, seemed a little out of sorts later in the day and had a mild fever. Wednesday we started the day going back to normal schedules. Didn't last long though. Poor baby got another fever and didn't want to eat, so I went and picked him up from school, drove out to Hubby's work place to switch cars with him, and spent the rest of the day home with the baby. The fever didn't last much longer. He actually seemed in good spirits when I picked him up, but he did take a nice long nap once we got home. He was back to his chipper self by that evening.


Big news!!! BIG NEWS!! We have not started potty training the boys yet, but we have started talking about it a lot. A LOT! Well, over the weekend, Ethan accidentally had a poop in the bath tub. It totally freaked him out. So then Wednesday night, Hubby gave them a bath and while drying Peter off Ethan starts acting like he needs to go. We think he thought that he was going to poop again. So Hubby took him out of the tub and stuck him on the potty seat. Low and behold the boy peed! He went in the potty!!

This is HUGE!! The boys like to sit on the little potty seats, fully clothed, to brush their teeth. But whenever we encouraged them to sit on the seat without a diaper on, they would freak out. Hubby got them to sit there once by bribing them with M&Ms. They didn't do anything then, but they at least sat on the potty diaper-less. I was so excited when Hubby and Ethan came downstairs the other night to tell me that he had used the potty! It's a step in the right direction!


I decided some time ago to hang a magnetic dry erase board up in our kitchen. I needed a place to hang up things from the day care and other important bits of info (refrigerator is stainless steel). Plus I figured a dry erase board gave me the option to write things up there temporarily as well. So I found one I liked, bought it, got some cute little magnets to go with it, and ordered some small dry erase markers with magnets on them. Hubby hung up the board for me a couple night ago. I was so excited to get a tiny bit more organized. I pulled out the magnets and they didn't stick. I was so confused. Turns out I bought a dry erase board only. Not magnetic. I was so disappointed. So now I need to find a new one to hang in the same spot. What a pain! But ... to find the positive spin ... I know where I want to hang the dry erase board. It'll still be used, no worries there.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!! I think we're all healthy again and planning a weekend of cleaning and building a garden bed. Go read more 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary.

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