Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sing with Me: A B C D ...

The boys are in that phase where they are soaking up tons of stuff and repeating things back to you all the time. They love letters and love counting to ten. At not even three years old, I'm amazed at what they know.

For the alphabet they have a DVD from Leap Frog called "The Letter Factory." This is not a review, but I love this video, so if you're looking for something for your kids to help them get to know the alphabet, this is a good one.

As I was saying, we have this video and the boys love it. They pick out random letters on boxes and pieces of paper and books laying around and tell us the letter and sometimes tell us what it sounds like. In the last day or so they both say "pu, pu" every time they see a "P" on something. When they want to watch the video they ask for it by pointing at the TV and saying "A-B-C-D, A-B-C-D."

In school they are also slowly working on letters. They occasionally bring home coloring sheets with a letter on it and three items that all begin with that letter. They obviously love doing this. The sheet for D had a drum on it and whenever I ask them about the letter D and mention a drum they bang on whatever is nearby and say "boom, boom."

Peter will often say "A-B-C-D" just to refer to letters in general, not necessarily the video. He was doing that this morning at breakfast. He said it several times while pointing out the letters on the side of his bowl. And then this conversation occurred:

Peter: A-B-C-D
Me: E-F-G
Peter (with a HUGE smile): H-I-J
Me: [stunned silence, I wasn't expecting him to respond]

I then went on to say a few more letters and he responded with the next few after that. We went through a few more and then I stopped saying any and encouraged him to keep going. I think he said "L-M-N-O-P" as one big word (what kid doesn't) and he may have skipped "X" but otherwise, everything was there.

By the time he got to "Z" I was cheering for him. How did he manage to learn to say the entire alphabet?! He's not yet 3 years old! But he did!

I love how they absorb so much at this age, without you even knowing it. Amazing!!

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