Friday, August 16, 2013

Things I Contemplate Over

I have a new post up today over at Catholic Sistas in which I reveal a recent contemplation I had over a diaper change. The whole idea was what a privilege it is to do this often unrewarding task.

In writing the piece I mostly was thinking of my thoughts from that one particular day. However, it did briefly occur to me that I have this privilege where others do not. Where I almost thought I never would either. I didn't include that in the post, that wasn't my point, but it is definitely another way of looking at it.

When you suffer from multiple pregnancy losses or infertility, being able to change your own child's diaper is looked at much more as a privilege. It's something I don't take for granted, this ability to tend to my child's basic needs. I have three children who I was not able to do this (and many other things) for.

So you get some additional thought from me on this topic just from stopping by here. But don't just stop here, I sincerely hope you'll head over to Catholic Sistas and check out today's post, Contemplation Over A Diaper Change.

Look forward to seeing your comments there!


  1. I definitely get that!

  2. Thanks for the recognition of the true privilege it is to change one's own child's diaper!

    And the main post...the Lord has amazing things ahead for your children and all those children out there. May they be loved and cared for by loving folks like you and shown the direction of our Father.