Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 54

It's been a long time since I last did a 7 Quick Takes. Sometimes I am just not sure what to write about. 7 pithy things that don't need a whole blog post. Pithy is not something I'm usually very good at! LOL!! But we've been pretty busy lately, so I figured I could share what we've been up to.


First, since we moved, we've been working through a list of things to do on the house. First priority was to replace the kitchen sink. Unfortunately this is not as easy as it sounds. So we looked into replacing a section of the granite counter top so we could get a sink that better fit our needs, was more functional, would better support a faucet so it didn't drip constantly, and was an under-mount sink. More bad news: the granite person we are using is having a hard time finding a supplier for that particular granite. We haven't ruled out the possibility yet, but Hubby is starting to look at over-mount sinks instead. I don't think we have the budget to completely replace all the granite throughout the kitchen.


The garage door was a mess. OLD!! It was splitting in places, bowed out in others, didn't have the safety eyes on the bottom, often took several attempts to get it to go up or down, and sometimes the motor stopped working when the door was going down and it would just fall straight to the ground. Real safe, right? We got it replaced this week!! Woohoo!! It's so quiet now! And well insulated. And it has the outside keypad. I love it already, like I never thought I'd love a garage door.


Hubby has been busy in the yard. He removed this plastic, fake wire stuff that was wrapped around the fence (presumably to keep the former owner's dog inside the horse-type fence), he removed the old, rusty wiring that surrounded the dilapidated garden and trashed some other wire things laying in the garden area, and he is contemplating how best to get rid of the pond in the backyard. He's also considering getting rid of the entire fence and planting trees or bushes along the back of the property line instead. This will be a very long term project.


On a more fun note, we've been doing a lot too. We started off last weekend by attending a Married Couples Supper Club at our church on Friday evening. It was great because we ran into two couples we are good friends with and spent the whole evening chatting with them. So I never got to meet anyone new, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. There was also free childcare during the dinner, so the boys got to play in the nursery with a bunch of new toys and new children. I think they had a great time. They got distracted by the trains when we first got there, so Hubby and I made a quick getaway. Hubby went in to pick them up at the end of the night while I was wrapping up conversation with a friend. When I got up to the main floor of the church he was just coming out of the nursery with the boys. From down the hallway Peter saw me, shouted "Mommy!" and came running all the way down to meet me with a huge smile on his face!! Such a sweet boy!


Saturday I took the boys to get new shoes and they did really well. They cried the last time we did this when they were getting their feet measured by a stranger. But this time they did really well. But wow, shoes are expensive!! That evening after dinner, we drove over to the Greek festival. It's not a huge festival and we got there between some of the entertainment groups (dancing groups, I think) so there wasn't much to really do. It was held at a nearby elementary school, so the boys had fun playing on the playground while Hubby got himself a Greek coffee and bought us some desserts to enjoy once the boys went to bed. The food is really the only reason we go to the Greek Festival.


Sunday was a busy day with Mass in the morning and then Touch a Truck in the afternoon. I posted about this yesterday, so go check out my post on our adventures at this event complete with pictures. 


Our special plans for Labor Day weekend include buying a new fridge. We're not crazy about the one that came with the house, but we figured we could live with it. After struggling to get everything we needed into a side-by-side and having an ice explosion with the supposedly convenient external ice dispenser, we decided we'd be better off with a new fridge. Hubby has done all the research and has a plan. I'm not even sure he needs me to go with him to buy it, although I would like to see it first but I'm pretty sure his mind is made up. Which is fine with me. We'll also be visiting Hubby's family on Monday for the traditional family gathering of the year. I'm sure it'll be a lovely visit.

What are your plans for the long weekend? Hope you get to spend some time with family. 

Thanks to Jen for hosting these 7 Quick Takes. Check out her blog for many more!


  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Ugh. Moving. Did that this past weekend & then went back to work Monday and had to leave early to go to the Dentist and have 2 teeth extracted. I swear next time I move, it is either into a house or I'm dead lol. I have to work tomorrow as I missed a day because of the teeth. But since I work next Saturday as well I have off Tuesday and still get a 3 day weekend and plan to tackle the rest of the boxes that need to be unpacked.

    1. Good luck!! We moved a the end of July. We're still unpacking boxes. The important stuff is unpacked but still lots of other small things to do. It's a process.