Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Weekend Overview

We had a great weekend here in central KY. The weather cooperated for the most part.

The boys' school was closed on Friday for an in-service day, so we took the opportunity to use our Zoo Membership for the day. We don't have a zoo here, but the one in the larger city north of us is really nice. We managed to spend a few hours there and not get rained on, despite the almost constant rain during the hour long drive up. Luckily it was clear at the zoo and we enjoyed our time there. The boys loved the elephants and got angry when we tried to move on. But they soon realized that there was more to see. Bubbles especially!! Yes, I said bubbles. Any sort of water is considered bubbles and they LOVE bubbles. So all the waterways separating people from animals was thrilling.

We saw the new Africa exhibit where you can get pretty up close and personal to the lions. We missed the feeding of the giraffes, but got to watch all three of them out in their habitat and the baby giraffe was running laps. A running giraffe is very awkward looking. They just don't look like they know how to coordinate their legs. Maybe it was because it was a baby, I don't know. The two adults could have cared less. The manatees were the biggest hit for the boys, oh and the lizards in the reptile house!! Definitely the lizards.

The boys fell asleep in the car almost immediately after we left the zoo. A good indication of a successful day.

Saturday we kept things a bit slower. We did go out to visit a family friend at a nearby nursing home. We hadn't been there in a while. The boys loved Bosco, the facility's dog and the fish tanks were a big hit. The staff were so surprised to see how much the boys had grown since we were last there. It was a nice visit. Again, the boys nodded off briefly on the car ride home.

Finally on Sunday we started the day by attending Mass. Got a bit of a shock when we got to church and couldn't find parking and then no available seats once we got inside. This was just a normal Sunday and we had no idea why it looked like a Christmas or Easter Mass. Turns out it was the "Back to School Mass." No announcement or anything had been made, so we got stuck having to split up. Someone was nice enough to give up their seat for me (there was no way I was going to stand for an entire Mass and was so grateful someone finally let me have their seat!). Hubby ended up standing back in the narthex. So yeah, nice surprising way to start off your Sunday.

That afternoon I took the boys to our local Arboretum for the Tomato Festival. I didn't know what to expect, but had a good time. And the boys actually ate some tomatoes! Totally shocked me. Especially Peter. I think he liked the little paper cup for sampling. He wouldn't try the tomato when I handed it to him, but once I gave him the little cup he ate them all up and asked for more. We tried a ton of various heirloom tomatoes, the boys got tomatoes painted on their hands (I didn't think they'd stand for face painting), I picked up some information on gardening in KY, and tried some tomato appetizers from some local restaurants.

In addition to the Tomato Festival we also went and visited the Children's Garden where the boys enjoyed the misting area and got to make a tomato puppet. I had never been in before (it's only been open a year or so) and there was a lot to do. Had I known there was a water area to wade in I might have been more prepared (not that my boys will go into water right now). As the boys get a little older that will be a great place to visit again.

A great weekend, through and through. Only regret is that I have no pictures. Sorry. I checked the camera on Saturday and the battery was dying and I didn't bother changing it. I know, I'm lazy.

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