Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, vol. 23

Wow, I haven't done a Quick Takes post since mid-April!!  Hope I'm not too rusty; here goes nothing ...

It's been over a month now, but we did have the boys baptised in July.  I do have plans to write up a blog post and include some pictures of the day.  I'm sure some readers are interested in how things went and want to see pictures!!  I can tell you that there was much wailing but thankfully little gnashing of teeth.  More to come ... eventually.
I finally finished writing thank you cards out for all gifts that we have received for the babies.  That has been a constant task of mine for the last 12 weeks.  It takes a long time when you can only do a couple a night and then some nights just get way too busy and none get done.  And I really wanted to write nice thank you notes, really let people know how much we appreciate their generosity.  So it takes time.  And now that this is done, I've turned my attention to birth announcements.  Yes, the boys are 12 weeks old, going to officially be 3 months next week, but I still wanted to do this.  Besides, there are people who are not online that haven't seen any pictures (the great-grandmothers, other relatives) so I figured they would be delighted to get an announcement, even one that arrives 3 months late ... or maybe 4 months.

I have to say it ... I'm tired.  Ahhh, I feel better.  That is all.

Many months ago in #3 of this previous quick takes I mentioned that I had received some good news from work, but couldn't yet share the details.  I can now!!  Actually, I could have a while ago, but I never got around to it.  That's just my world these days.  The announcement: I have been approved for a sabbatical leave starting in January of 2012.  I'm very excited about this!  I will be home (working from home) for six months and the boys will be able to stay home with me.  That's very exciting!!  I will be working on a project that has been haunting me for years.  With this sabbatical I'll be able to concentrate on just that and not have to worry about my other job tasks, meetings, supervising people, etc., etc.

You might wonder what it is exactly that I'll be doing.  Well, it may not sound that exciting.  I will be working on massaging a database that is currently a jumble of information to make it worthy of converting into another format.  Along with this I have an idea for a survey, some digitizing possibilities, and a blog.  All of which will hopefully lead to some presentation opportunities in the future and maybe an article or two.  Oh, and about that blog: I plan on keeping a blog of my progress, thoughts and ideas along the way.  It could come in handy down the road.

The best part of all: working from home on my own schedule and having the boys with me.  I'll have to be a master organizer or it could be a waste of 6 months!!

Even though I am excited about being home for six months with my little guys, I really do like the daycare they are currently with.  We were extremely lucky to get in considering that they originally told us they had no openings.  Once they realized I was going to be short-term, they were able to fit us in.  It is really close to work.  Classes at the University started this week and as a result my parking situation had to change. I am now parking closer to the daycare than my office!  The people there are great and you can really tell that they enjoy the children and really get to know them.  Most likely we'll find a new daycare for them to go to starting next July, which is kind of sad since I really do like where they currently are.  But for a variety of reasons it makes sense to place them elsewhere at that point.
Have you checked out the new blog I am a contributing author for?  You must check it out if you haven't yet.  I am so impressed with the quality of writing so far.  I have a post waiting in the wings that will go up on Monday, but do check it out for the other authors!  You can also "like" the Catholic Sistas blog on Facebook and links to the blog posts will show up in your newsfeed.  And while it is a Catholic blog, if you are not Catholic it is still a good blog with faith-filled posts.  Any Christian will find some uplifting, inspiring, and thought-provoking posts to enjoy.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired? 

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