Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Weekend

Yes, there was one of these at the party.
A party is not complete without an inflatable slide/"rock" wall.  We went to a party on Friday night that some friends of mine were having at their house.  I hadn't seen these friends or many of the people at the party in years!!  In that time, people had gotten married, had kids, and those that already had kids now had much older kids.  It was great to see so many people and catch up, even if it was brief.  We didn't stay long because of our two little ones and the fact that we walked to the party.  Walking to the party was a GREAT idea!!  The boys fell asleep on the way there and then again on the way home.

The best part?  They easily fell asleep that night too!!

Decluttering and cleaning MUST go hand-in-hand.  My husband does not get this concept.  We are "this close" to getting our house finally ready for that big For Sale sign in the front yard.  This close!  He spent Saturday cleaning the siding and putting down mulch.  I spent part of it inside trying to clean. He kept telling me to forget about cleaning, just to declutter everything.  But how can you NOT clean while you're decluttering?  That's what I want to know.  I ignored him and went about my cleaning AND decluttering.  As I tried to explain, I declutter things better when I am also cleaning.  When I have to move things to clean, that's when I start thinking more about whether that item needs to be out or not. 

The rooms I did get to on Saturday look great, both clean and decluttered!!  My ability to get a lot down is now hampered by the fact that the two little men in my life get bored watching me clean after a while and want to be awake a lot more these days.

So close!!!  {sigh}

The stroller needs a van.  Seriously.  I love our stroller.  We take it for walks in the neighborhood and we've even taken it on the trail that circles the huge city park near our neighborhood.  It streers easily and is very smooth.  Our Sunday outing was to our church's annual parish picnic.  Because it was on a farm and there would be Mass outside followed by the picnic, I wanted to bring the stroller rather than using the Double Snap and Go stroller that the carseats fit in.  I knew the babies would be way too hot if they had to sit in their carseats that whole time.  The challenge was getting the stroller into my husband's Camry.  I have a Honda Fit, so that was totally out of the question.  He had to pretty much take the whole thing apart to fit it in the trunk of the car.  But we managed to get it in along with the cooler while the back seat of the car held the two babies, the diaper bag, our two chairs, and one other bag containing a blanket, sunscreen, and bug spray.

We're going to Atlanta for Christmas this year.  We NEED a van before then or we may have to bring two cars.  Seriously!

Never thought I'd find myself sitting on a hay bale during Mass feeding a baby.  So Sunday's picnic was preceeded by Mass.  The picnic and Mass were at a horse farm just outside the city (but still in the county).  They had hay bales set up in rows for people to sit on as well as chairs for the seniors and others who needed something more sturdy (not to mention more comfortable).  Ethan had not eaten his full bottle at the meal previous to leaving for the farm.  As I suspected he needed the next one right in the middle of Mass.  We had gotten there late so left everything in the car and just took the boys in their car seats.  Why I didn't at least grab the diaper bag, I don't know.  So halfway through Mass hubby had to run back to the car to grab the diaper bag so I could feed Ethan.  Once Mass was over, Hubby went back to the car again, taking both car seats with him (a friend of ours and I held the babies), assembled the stroller, grabbed the rest of our stuff, and made his way back to us once again.  I think he got his exercise for the day.

In the future the picnic will be a lot more fun for the boys.  There was a mini petting "zoo," pony rides, a clown, and, of course, ... an inflatable bouncy house kind of thing.

No party is complete without some sort of inflatable ride.

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