Saturday, August 20, 2011

A New Adventure!!

Life is a journey so with each new thing we take on it is like embarking on a new adventure.  That is exactly what I and several friends of mine are doing.  And we want to invite you to come check us out.

We are starting a new blog called Catholic Sistas.  It is all things Catholic from a group of Catholic "sistas" who like to talk ... a lot!!  I hope my readers here will come over and check us out.  We're just getting started and there are just a few posts up, but the writing talent is easy to see.  I'm already feeling humbled by my fellow sistas writing abilities!

Nothing should change here.  I'll still be posting as infrequently as always and always with a desire to post more frequently.  I'll be sure to link up my posts over at Catholic Sistas when I do post there.  But do check it out for the other writers, we have some really good ones in the group!!

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