Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Funny Fan Fight

Sometimes a couple's disagreement can be down right funny. Even to the couple!! Last night we climbed into bed, said our novena together, and then settled in. Hubby took off his glasses and put them over on his nightstand. Turns back to face me and then turns back toward the nightstand for a second and then back around.

That's when I noticed the speed of the fan seemed slower. The remote to the fan is on hubby's nightstand. "Did you turn the fan down?" I asked him.

"Yes, but it was set too high anyway."

"So this is medium," I asked skeptically, it didn't seem like medium.


"Are you lying to me"


"So it's at Medium?"

"Yes, it's a notch above off."

"That's low, not medium. You did lie!" (Of course, I'm laughing as I say this to him)

He's smiling now too, knowing that I like the fan on no matter how cool the room already is. (He was probably rolling his eyes at me too.) "No, low is off, medium is one high than low."

I laughed at this!! "There are three speeds and off isn't one of them. Off is off, then there is low, medium, and high."

He laughed at me and told me not to worry about it as I pulled the comforter off of us and threw it towards the end of the bed. "It doesn't need to be any higher, it's fine."

That's when he got up again to use the bathroom. And when I put things right! He didn't say anything else when he returned.

I'm glad we can disagree and laugh our way through the conversation! :)

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  1. ROFL, too funny!! You guys are so great together.