Friday, September 03, 2010

7 Quick Takes: vol. 2

My week seemed full of blessings and I thought I'd use this Quick Takes post to share those with you.

Family and friends who want to pray with and for me!!

I started a novena this week with about 15 or more other people. What a blessing it has been already. It is such a wonderful thing to pray for all these ladies and know they are also praying for me! Whether any of our prayers are answered or not doesn't even seem to matter to me at this point, I just love the idea that we are all doing it together. Something about community in prayer! Beautiful!!

More prayers!!

I gave a talk Thursday evening to my Cursillo community and I was so amazed at the palanca I received from so many prayerful people in that community. I received emails from many of them telling me about masses they were offering up for me, fasting they were doing, other sacrifices, extra prayers, and other ways of lifting me up while I was preparing for the talk. Prayer is truly powerful!

The Talk!

Technically we call it a witness. And, I wasn't prepared for the results of my witness. I've heard many of these myself, but this was the first time I have given one. Wow!!! Just ... wow! I know the point was to share some experience in my life of how God is working in it, but I was amazed at the comments during the echo. And then Father's summary following all the other comments was amazing as well. I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room last night! And I think I was blessed by all the comments from everyone more than they could ever know. Just can't put it into words really. Like I said ... wow!

My awesome husband!

He's just a blessing to know. 'Nough said, really. I love that he loves to cook and is so creative in the kitchen. I had bought some little Kroger Brownie Bites that I planned to take with me to the Cursillo gathering on Thursday evening. He decided to dress them up some. So he whipped up a cream cheese icing and topped each one with a little of it. So good!! And I'm not the only one who knows my husband likes to cook. I walked in with them and the first question I got was, "Did Chris make that?"

Weight Loss!

I'm just thankful it's still happening despite the fact that I have been slacking big time on the exercise. And I'm so close to what I weighed on my wedding day! So close!! One more pound and I'll be there. As of Monday I was 14 pounds lighter than I was in mid-June. Hoping that by this Monday I can say for sure that it is 15 pounds. I think it is now, but Monday is official. So I have to be good for a few more days still.

A good work week.

It's hard to think of work as a blessing; there are so many days that you wonder why you do what you do. Lately I've been trying to focus on the things I like about work and it has somehow made me more productive. This week seemed particularly overwhelming, but I managed to stay focused and get things done. It's still overwhelming, but I'm grateful I have a job, I like my job, I'm working in a field that I actually went to school and trained for, and I am good at my job. Now if I could just get that promotion file completed and out of my head. It is what it is, I have to learn to let go.

The long weekend!

As much as I want to stay positive at work, I'm also very grateful for the long weekend that has now started! I love having three days off! I always have tons of plans in my head thinking that all the things I never get done in a two day weekend will surely get done over three days! How could they not? Ha! Why do I always set myself up for disappointment? Sure, one of these days I will go back and actually tag all my old posts, but it's not going to happen in a day. Regardless, I'll still enjoy the three days off! Two days of peace and quiet and a third ... well, I'll focus on the peace and quiet for now. :-]

What are your blessings this week??

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