Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes: vol. 3


I recently had the opportunity to give a witness talk at a Cursillo meeting. I shared a little bit about the experience of giving that talk in my post Sharing my Story. I've recently decided that I should also share that story here on my blog. It needs some editing and I want to also make some of the images available that I used. It may take me a couple weeks, but I hope to share here soon.


I've been praying a Novena to St. Gianna with a whole bunch of people. We have a prayer and a long list of special intentions, mostly about pregnancy, conception, infertility, and other health concerns. Yesterday was the last day of the Novena to ask for St. Gianna's intercession. Today the group starts a novena of thanksgiving. This has been a great experience! And it's so powerful knowing that so many people are joining with us in these two novenas for all our intentions.


I posted yesterday about my experience getting to see and pray before the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. It was such an amazing experience I had to mention it again. Check out my post from yesterday to get the full story.


I mentioned Cursillo in #1. I made my weekend in 2009 and would really like my husband to also make a weekend. He's been reluctant. Of course, I don't want to "make" him do it, he has to want to, but I can't help but mention it whenever I get a chance. We have a Men's weekend coming up in October, the same weekend that I have a conference to attend out of town. So here's our conversation from last night:

Me: "What are you going to do the weekend I'm out of town?"
Him: "I don't know."
Me: "I have something you can do."
Him: "What?" (said with a big sigh, we currently have a long list of home improvement projects)
Me: "It doesn't involve any work!"
Him (much more interested): "Oh, well that sounds good. What?"
Me: "You can attend the Cursillo weekend!"

Haha! He just rolled his eyes at me. What can I say.


I've recently been reading about a particular medical issue that I discussed once with a former Ob/Gyn who is now a priest in our diocese. It helps to know him and be able to ask him questions since I do not have an NFP-only doctor nor is there one available to me through my insurance plan. I got pregnant shortly after he and I had talked about this so I never explored his suggestion. Since the miscarriage and then the weight loss I've managed to do and now watching how my cycles are starting to function again, I've started thinking more about his guess as to what one of my issues may be. This is a long way of saying that I did some reading this week and now I'm contemplating how to eliminate plastic from me life (probably not entirely, but as much as possible). Any suggestions? (And I have a feeling this topic will require fuller treatment in it's own post in the near future).


The weather is getting cooler!! I probably could have worn a light jacket to work today. Absolutely amazing!! I love the cooler temps, the feel of fall in the air. It's just magical. Football has begun and the days are slowing starting to get shorter. It just feels good! I love it.


Despite the wonderful cooler temps, I'm very much looking forward to our upcoming vacation! We'll be heading south to the shoe shaped island off the South Carolina coast to spend a week in a condo on the beach with part of my family. It'll be so nice to have a week with nothing to do but relax and enjoy spending time with people I love. We'll also be stopping along the way (it's a long drive for us) and spending the night with some great friends and I'll get to see my Godson! One more week!!!

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