Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's Challenges and Blessings

So while I await tomorrow's procedure, I am still dealing with all the normal pregnancy symptoms. Because the placenta is still functioning, it causes all my hormone levels to be normal for a pregnancy and I feel the typical nausea and fatigue. As a result, I haven't really done much of anything this week. I figured a week off would be nice (even if I couldn't be in Hilton Head as was the plan) and I'd get some things done around the house. Yeah, yeah, I should be relaxing and resting and so forth. I figured the other stuff would be a nice distraction while also getting many, many things done that I've put off for way too long. Instead the resting and doing nothing thing is what really happened (unless you count watching nonstop HGTV as doing something).

But, because of the nausea, I have to eat something every few hours in order to not feel totally sick. Today I seemed particular sickly, which made this evening a bit more challenging.

Because we went to Mass tonight, which was at 5:30, I knew I couldn't eat anything after 4:30. So I think I ate last at around 4:15 tonight. I knew I'd be okay for a couple hours, but I didn't know how long it would be before we finally got home.

So we left at 5:00 and made it to church just before 5:30. The church bells went off during communion, so I knew it was 6:00pm at that point. Mass ended and then we went to the Cathedral offices for the Anointing of the Sick.

Several people I knew were at Mass tonight and they joined us. It was great to receive this special blessing before having surgery. And it was really wonderful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. I do feel much more at peace at the moment. I hope that feeling continues tomorrow morning!

By the time we finished up and left the church, hubby decided to stop at the grocery store thus not getting us home until 7:00. Wow, I was starving and the nausea was certainly back full steam. Luckily we had some yummy, homemade chicken-noodle soup in the fridge (thanks to a wonderful friend) and hubby made a quick salad.

Hubby was also thinking of me. Ah, isn't he sweet! The stop at Kroger was to get some strawberries and whipping cream so he could make strawberry shortcake for dessert. Dessert is definitely a good thing tonight!! And it was really good with his homemade biscuit-like shortcakes.

So I have a few hours before midnight, after which I am not allowed to have anything (not even water) until after the surgery. I've requested tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch when we get home tomorrow. And I may still have one more thing to eat tonight before heading to bed.

So far no nerves, I'll count that as a blessing. The challenges today have definitely been the nausea. The most important blessing of all was receiving the Eucharist and the Anointing of the Sick and having so many wonderful people praying for us, surrounding us, bringing us dinner, and just being there for us in so many ways.

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