Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Explanations!!

A friend emailed me and helped explain some of the things I was confused about regarding my surgery on Friday. It was nice to have the explanations now rather than waiting for my follow-up appointment in two weeks to ask my questions.

The second incision was for air. When they have to put in a scope they also need air to expand things so they can see what they are doing. Thus why there are two incisions. Definitely a nice thing to know!

Turns out the air is probably also what is causing some additional pain I just started having last night. My legs feel like I've been lifting weights or running a marathon and are really, really sore. But my mother had told me that she had felt a soreness after a procedure she had done that also required a scope and being pumped up with air. In the time the air disperses, but in the meantime it causes quite a bit of pain. Because it is in my legs, walking has become very difficult, especially if I sit too long. So I am getting up and walking around the house when I can and that helps. I slept with my pregnancy pillow last night and that helped a lot, too.

It was also explained to me why I had to be intubated. Apparently the anesthesia I started out with is fine for the usual D&C, but once they needed to start making incisions, they needed to give me a general anesthesia. That basically paralyzes your body, thus why I needed to be intubated (in order to breathe) and I had to have the catheter put in (so the bladder didn't create a mess). Again, good to know!

I am finally feeling a lot more like myself. I am still having moments when I feel a bit of nausea, but not enough yet that I feel I need to take the medication I have for it. My throat is better, probably 98% normal, and I can get up and down off the couch without any help. Still need a bit of help getting in and out of bed, but in a pinch I can do it on my own as well. But I'll take the help if it's available!

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