Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surprise Fun!!

Tuesday night we had the fun of throwing a surprise party!! It was such a great time and I'm so glad we did it!! Here's how it all went down.

A dear friend just adopted a baby from Korea. I mentioned her blog in a recent post, but once again, here is the link that details their trip to Korea, meeting their new baby for the first time, bringing him home, and a bit on the first week adjusting to all the newness, and of course the cuteness! They got back to Lexington last Tuesday evening, just a week ago.

While they were gone I talked with a few friends about doing something for her and her husband and their new son. Normally we have our small group Cursillo gathering on Tuesday evenings, so I devised a plan to convince her to come to our meeting just one week after she was back in town and to bring the baby. We would forgo the usual Cursillo format and just catch up and get a chance to meet the baby, etc. We even planned to start a half hour earlier since the baby may need to get to bed at a reasonable time.

So upon our friend's return to the States I started discussions with her to get this to all work out. In the meantime, other people we all knew had also been invited and were in on the secret. We had a few stumbling blocks, but in the end it all worked out.

I got a cake to celebrate the event from Brown's Bakery, which I highly recommend. They did a great job decorating it, it was very, very cute! I didn't get a picture, but some others people did, so I'll post a pic once I can get a copy from someone else. Several people brought some gifts and we had a really great time. My friend showed up with the baby and was definitely surprised to see everyone there. It was such a special thing to celebrate!! Especially after years of infertility struggles and years waiting on an adoption from China, it was so amazing how fast the adoption through Korea went. And now they have a beautiful baby boy to rejoice in!! It was such a fun celebration for everyone who came!

I'm so glad the whole thing worked out. There were a few moments when I thought the whole thing was going to fall through, but it came together in the end. And it was so fun to see everyone, see my friend and her husband again, meet the baby, and get to hear how things were going.

What a blessing for these two special people!! And a very fun night all around!

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