Friday, May 14, 2010

The Quiet Life?

Sometimes when I get the urge to write I feel that there is nothing to say. So I give up. It makes me wonder if my life has become a little too quiet lately. Maybe it has, I don't know. Though it certainly feels full in the living it out part.

Mother's Day was this past weekend. I had posted a lovely poem then that moms who have lost their children would be very touched by. I know I was, thus the reason for posting it.

At the end of Mass Sunday morning there was the usual blessing over the mothers. We had a visiting priest who apparently was not used to having to use a microphone and the microphone the deacon had was not working (I also don't understand half of what that particular deacon says anyway due to his accent, so the terrible mic situation made it all the worse). So understanding the blessing was a little tough. I did stand up with the other moms. I am not one to sit in my seat because I don't have any living children and if anyone were to ask me about it (which no one did) I would gladly tell them that my babies are in heaven. I am happy and blessed to have two little saints there already.

Following the blessing, the deacon asked all the children to come forward and take a rose to bring back to their mother (though, he did have to make the announcement twice, moving to a different mic the second time, since no one moved after his first announcement). That part was a little sad for me, so I quietly sat back down and waited. Well, my goddaughter's family was sitting a few rows in front of us. Although she wasn't with them (she was in the nursery) her two older brothers both went up and got a rose and one of them brought one to me. I was very touched!!

In other exciting news, a dear friend of mine just got back from a trip to South Korea, bringing her baby son home with her!! I finally got a chance to talk to her tonight and I am so excited for her. What an amazing trip they had and what an amazing little boy they brought back with them. I can't wait to actually see her and meet her little boy. If you're curious to read more, her and her husband created a blog that they used while they were away to journal about the experience. They have pictures up now too! You can read it all at the blog Baby Andrew.

Soon we'll be heading off on a vacation to Hilton Head. I'm looking forward to time with my family and just some good R&R. In addition to being with my family while we're actually in Hilton Head, we'll be seeing some other friends and family during the trip down and back. We'll get to see friends of mine in Greenville, who I went to college with and whose son is my godson. Then on our trip back we'll be stopping in Asheville, NC to visit with one of my cousins and his family. These stops help us break up the trip and gives us a chance to see people we don't normally get to see. I know so many more people along our route, but we can't see everyone. So this year those are the stops we're making.

The other fun part about the trip is seeing other churches. We'll be in Greenville on Pentecost Sunday (Happy Birthday, Church) and attending (I'm assuming) St. Mary's parish in downtown. We've been there before and they have a beautiful church and it's always an amazing and reverent Mass. I haven't figured out yet where in Asheville we're attending. I looked up the Catholic Churches in that area and there are two in Asheville, one is a Basilica in downtown and another is somewhere else in the city. I'll figure it out before we get there for sure. Anyone have any recommendation, I'll be happy to take them.

Life often feels quiet, but really there is a lot going on. Not always with me, but often with the people around me. And that's fine. I'm blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! Otherwise, my life wouldn't just be quiet, it'd be down right boring! I'm definitely blessed with many wonderful friends and family!

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