Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 19

Here we are again, another pregnancy update. I have to admit, this pregnancy is so different so far than any of my previous ones. I feel great and can't help but wonder if something is wrong because I feel so good. But so far, everything is going really well.

How far along: 19 weeks and 1 day.

Pregnancy symptoms: Like I said, so far so good. And being this far along, I doubt anything is going to suddenly turn in this area. Here's hoping!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Other than feeling like I need some sort of chocolate every day, not much else.

Weight Gain: About 6 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: What is the deal with the band at the top of maternity pants that is supposed to be supportive?? Instead it rolls down and then cuts into my stomach area. It's so not comfortable. I need to go through all my stuff and see if there is anything more comfortable. It's so not cool. My most comfortable clothes at this point are PJs and two pairs of capris that aren't appropriate for work.

Belly Button: I always add this in for fun, never thought I'd actually have something to report in this area. But late last week I suddenly had major pain right in my belly button area. It lasted all day, although it eventually became more of a dull ache. Still, it was uncomfortable trying to sit and stand or lean forward when I was sitting. I was worried that maybe I had an umbilical hernia and talked briefly about it to a friend who does have one. As painful as it was, it actually went away by the next day and I've been fine ever since. I was able to talk to a doctor yesterday and she couldn't find anything, so hopefully it was just a temporary thing. My other theory is that the baby was right there all day pushing on that area.

Oh, and it hasn't popped yet, but definitely closer (especially after that painful day).

Baby movement: When I'm lying in bed at night I sometimes think I feel something that might be the baby moving. But I'm never sure. Yesterday I think I finally felt something during the day. I'm never sure if what I'm feeling is the baby or something else. I'm amazed when I hear other women say they can feel baby movement as early as 12 weeks.

Ultrasound/Appointment: No regular appointment this week, but I did have an ultrasound yesterday. Baby looks good, but we didn't spend a lot of time looking at the baby. The main point of this ultrasound was to check cervical length. Good news there!! We got a measurement of 4.4 cm. Normal range is around 3-4 cm. So this is great news!!! The doctor actually wanted me to wait three weeks to come back for the next check, but I felt more comfortable coming back in two. So that's what we decided on.

Other things of note: We have such a hard time coming up with names. We have a girl name all set. But boy names are hard. We won't share the name we've chosen until the baby is born, but I'd love to hear what your favorite boy names are. Especially good Catholic names. Share with me in the comments!

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