Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge and Some News

I saw Jen. F. of Conversion Diary post about doing a 7 posts in 7 days challenge. My first reaction was to dismiss it. I've barely had time to do much posting on this blog all year and I didn't feel like I wanted to get bogged down in trying to post for 7 straight days.

But then Sunday afternoon, I'm sitting at my desk catching up on blogs and email, Hubby is at the grocery store and the boys are napping. It's quiet and peaceful and I'm feeling relaxed and I see Jen's post and I think, "okay, what the heck! I have time!"

Ah, the deception of quiet!!

So I'm in! I'll try to post 7 posts in 7 days. "Try" being the operative word here. It is time for me to pick up the slack some, so this comes at an opportune time. I figure even if I don't get all 7 in, even doing half is more than I've done in a long time.

For my first post, I thought I'd share some exciting news. Today (this morning, in fact) we are closing on a new house. Surprise!!! Those that know us in real life got the news just a couple weeks back. We were pretty quiet about this change considering that we only moved to our current home about 16 months ago. Honestly, it comes as a bit of surprise to us too.

Although we had been talking about selling again, and buying again and moving AGAIN, we figured we'd wait until at least next year, maybe even a year after that. But the market started really hopping around here and especially in our neighborhood. So we listed, had an offer by day three, and worked out all the negotiations by day four. We went looking at homes ourselves on day two of our house being on the market and so we were able to put in an offer the day after we worked out the deal on our house.

As of this past Friday we closed on our current home. We are still here under a post occupancy agreement and are basically renters for the next two weeks. Later today, after our closing, we are getting the new house measured for new carpet on the second floor. We hope to have the installed before we do any major moving. Then we need to get a granite person in the house this week sometime to see what their recommendation is for replacing a section of granite so we can get a better, more functional sink. A lot is happening over the next two weeks!!

This move helps us out in some ways. We are moving into a house that is comparable in size but set up very differently. All the bedrooms will be on the second floor again!! Yay!! We'll also have a backyard that isn't so shady that we can't plant a garden. Actually, there is already a garden area at this house (neglected, but there) so we plan on using that starting next spring. The house is also cheaper than the house we are currently in. We are saving some money there which will be nice.

For my posts this week you may get many more updates and hopefully some pictures as we start the journey of moving to a new home with two toddlers and a 20 week high risk, pregnant momma. Lots of fun to come!!


  1. What exciting news about the house! And I'm looking forward to your daily posts :)!

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing if I can even do a whole week of daily posts!! :)

  2. Exciting!
    Moving is just such an emotional ( and physically draining) experience, isn't it!? For a variety of reasons, we have tried to sell, to no avail and just took the house off the market about 5 years ago. We still talk of it from time to time but honestly, even tho it;d be a good thing to further explore, we keep putting it off!
    I am very happy for you!
    Nice to meet you here in the blogosphere!
    See you during the 7 in 7!
    God bless

    1. Nice to meet you too, Chris!! Good luck with your house, I hope everything falls in place for you soon.