Friday, June 01, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday, vol. 42


I finally finished revising a project that has been hanging over my head for 7 or 8 months.



No, it is not my sabbatical project.

Unfortunately.  ::sigh::


I have a small contribution to a larger reference book that was supposed to be published in 2009 or 10.

It's been so long, I've forgotten when the original publication date was!


It got delayed so long it was really hard to go back to edit, revise, and remember how and why things were set up the way they were.  

And searching in databases!!  I forgot how frustrating that can be!!


Thankfully my section editor had her assistant go over a portion of my list for me.

I wouldn't be done now otherwise!  Thank goodness for assistants!! ::happydance::


But ... I had to torture myself go look and I see that the publication date is now Spring 2012.

Hmmmm ...


Regardless, I'm done with my part!!  I hope no one asks me to revisit this list again any time soon.

Must. Get. Back. To. Sabbatical. Project.

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