Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kitchen Facelife

The house we moved into this spring was well taken care of and had many updates already.  The kitchen was very nicely updated.  Although it had a bit more space than our previous kitchen it didn't have the massive pantry our old kitchen had.  So things were a little tight, even with the additional storage in the basement.

The good news was there was empty wall space that was perfect for adding additional cabinets.  Hubby found a cabinet maker that could get us matching cabinets to what we already had and it was all installed in one afternoon.  Here are the before and after pictures:

Before: the desk area and pantry

Before: the pantry.
Lots of extra wall space that wasn't good for much of anything

Installation!!  One new pantry added.

After: New open shelves
(The little space on the right side was filled in the next week.
Nothing is ever completely straight)

After: Finished pantry and new shelves

After from a different angle.
The doors aren't closed because of the addition of new spice racks
and we hadn't yet moved the inside shelves when I took the picture.

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