Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: One Whole Year

{In all pictures but two, Peter is on the left, Ethan on the right.  Can you tell which two are different?}

In the hospital, born May 30, 2011 (picture probably taken 5/31/2011)

Probably one month old (I didn't label this picture)

2 months, 7/30/2011

13 weeks, 8/29/2011

17 weeks, 9/26/2011

5 months, 10/30/2011

7 months and a week or so, Jan. 2012

8 months, 1/30/2012

9 months, 2/30/2012 (I love the smirk on Peter's face!)

About 10 months old (I'm so bad about dating pictures!!)

Easter Sunday, 4/8/2012

11 months old, 4/30/2012

1 day shy of 12 months, 5/29/2012

Happy Birthday, Boys!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Peter and Ethan,
    congratulation on your first year here on earth. Bet your angels are throwing a party in heaven.

  2. Congratulations! And you made it too, Mommy! being a mom to twins can't be easy...but they are so sweet

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes for the boys!! They have been a joy to have this year. I hope their angels and their big sisters and brother are throwing a party for them in Heaven. They have been blessed by many prayers!!

  4. Oh goodness, so much cuteness all in one place! The progression is amazing to see. Good growing, boys! (Nice work, mom and dad! :) )

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