Sunday, May 22, 2011

Start the day with humor

Don't you love when you can start your day with something humorous!!  I do.  Especially these days!

"What are you looking for?" I asked my husband this morning.  I was getting ready for Mass and he walked into the bathroom and started going through the laundry hamper.

"My phone," he answered as he pulled out a pair of pants and went looking through the pockets.  No phone there, so he started wandering around the house looking for it. 

I was pretty much done getting ready so headed downstairs to grab my phone.  Coming back upstairs to where he was I dialed his phone, but didn't hear anything.  Hubby headed downstairs as I wondered if his phone battery had also died or if the phone was off.  I walked over to the top of the stairs and that's when I heard it.  It was downstairs somewhere.

"Did you find it?" I called down to my husband as I hung up the phone when it went to voice mail.

"No, but call it again."

I dialed again and I could hear his phone ringing as I sat at the top of the stairs.  Finally he yells up that he found it.  "Where was it?" I asked as I headed downstairs. 

He's laughing as I get down there.  "It was in the recliner!"

Apparently it must have fallen out of his pocket when he was sitting in the recliner the night before.  When I dialed the first time he could hear it ringing but had no idea where in the recliner it was.  He finally located it when I redialed.

We got a good laugh out of that!!  I could just picture him hearing it in the furniture and not being able to find it!!

Just a little laugh to get our day started! 

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