Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 36

How far along: 36 weeks now!!  And by the way, I'm actually writing this update early (just in case) and scheduling it for posting on Wednesday.  There is a chance that this update is the last one.

How big are babies: My app says the babies are almost 6 pounds (similar to a crenshaw melon, shown right), but based on previous experience I'm guessing Baby A is over 6 pounds, though Baby B is probably right on target with the app's estimate.  Babies are also approximately 18 and a half inches long.

Survival chances: These are all the same as the last two weeks. Here's a reminder: between 34 weeks and 36 weeks, 6 days survival chances are greater than 99%. Chances of severe or moderate disabilities among survivors is now down to 4%; minor disability is still the same as last week at 15%. (Gunter, The Preemie Primer, 2010) As for percent chance of delivering for women who have had a rescue cerclage, based on singleton pregnancies, about 34% of them delivered between 34 weeks and 36 weeks, 6 days.**

Weight gain: Went up another 3 pounds this week to make a total of 49 for the pregnancy.  That just sounds scary!!
Cravings: Was kind of craving chocolate chip cookies this week.  So Hubby bought some chocolate chips and then made Ranger cookies.  They were good, filled with oats, currants, chocolate chips, and nuts.  They satisfied my sweet tooth, but I still want just some classic chocolate chip cookies.
Aversions: Nothing still!  Yipee!
Belly button: Definitely flat.  It's like it's not even there.
Movement: They are still partying in there.  Not sure how they are finding the space, but somehow they do.  Hubby has been getting a kick out of feeling them moving around in big waves.  You can definitely feel how strong they have become.
Pregnancy Symptoms: My only thought at this point is: we're almost done!
--Just when I thought things were getting better with the leg restlessness they started acting up again.  There are good days and bad.  At this point it is just one of those annoying things that I will just deal with.
--Feet are still swollen and no longer seem to go down when I put them up.  But my blood pressure is good, so we're sticking with gestational hypertension.  This may also be what is contributing to the pain and numbness in my hands.  It doesn't help that I already have tendenitis in my right wrist, but that may explain why the right hand always feels worse than the left.  It's worse at night and first thing in the morning.  Usually feels good by the end of the day.  Then I go to bed and it all starts over again.  Sounds fun, doesn't it?  Ha!!
--Heartburn is still there, seems to be getting worse.  Oh well, what can I do at this point.  I'm just taking the Tums and hoping this will go away.
--Have I mentioned back pain previously?  Well, in case I haven't, it sucks!  And it doesn't help when you then pull a muscle in your side near your back.  Yep, I did that.  Smart, huh?  I've pulled plenty of muscles in my time, but never have I had one that keeps coming back just when I think it is gone.  This pulled muscle has been bothering me on and off for over a week now.  When it acts up there is no hope for getting comfortable.
Sleeping: No improvement.  I know everyone says you should sleep now because you won't sleep when the babies are here.  Well, any sleep I get once the babies are here HAS to be better than what I'm getting now.  Even two hours of comfortable, good sleep will be better than what I am getting now.  I wake up feeling so stiff and uncomfortable.  I gave up a while ago on my pledge to not nap during the day.  Now if I start to doze off, I let myself go ahead and nap.  Some days, that's all I get.  I will say, however, that Sunday night/Monday morning, I moved from bed to the glider in the babies' room and actually slept for four hours without getting up.  I felt really stiff when I got up (man, I'm old!), but I couldn't believe it had been four whole hours!
Ultrasound: The next official one is Thursday (tomorrow).  However, at my appointment on Monday, before the attempt to remove my cerclage, Dr. P pulled the ultrasound machine in for a quick look at babies' positions, just in case.  I didn't get a good look at them, but I did see one face.  And, baby A is head down, yay!!  Baby B is breech and his/her feet are low, which is good if they do a breech extraction.  (Doesn't that sound like fun??  Um yeah, I'm having an epidural!)
Appointment: So at the appointment Monday, they did the Strep B test and then attempted to remove the cerclage.  I was told that we could do it in the office as long as it was pretty easy.  If not, I would have to make an appointment to have it removed in the OR with a spinal, just like how it was put in.  I was warned it was going to be like a long speculum exam.  It was basically one of the most uncomfortable exams of that type I've ever sat through, and in the end it was not successful.  But I was more than happy at that point to let them do a spinal and remove it in the OR.  However, she wanted to check the cervix one more time before I was let go that day.  So she did that and surprised us all by discovering that I was 5 cm. dilated!!  Yeah, that's right, I have two cerclage stitches in AND I somehow dilated to 5 cm. without feeling a thing!!  All I can say is, I am definitely my mother's daughter. 
After that discovery, Dr. P left to go consult with Dr. O about what we should do next.  They both came back in to talk to me and decided that they would let me go home but I was to come to triage at the first sign of spotting or bleeding, contractions, pressure, or definitely if my water broke.  We also made another appointment for Friday (since Monday is a holiday).  I'll be sure to have my bag with me at that appointment, if we even make it to Friday!
Non-Stress Tests: These have been going fine.  Had one last Thursday and another on Monday.  The babies slept through most of Monday's so it took a while before the docs had everything they wanted.  Dr. H was there and heard that I was 5 cm. dilated and she almost sent me to the hospital.  But after talking with me more and hearing what Dr. O had said she decided to let me go ahead and follow his instructions.  I'll be back there on Thursday for another NST and an ultrasound. So they can check me out more then if they want to.  I'll be bring my hospital bag with me then too, if we make it that far!!
Notable this week: I think the 5 cm. dilation is pretty notable.  Don't you?  Also, I'm excited that I am almost done with the prometrium!!  One last pill to take on Wednesday night and I am done!  Done!!


  1. 36 weeks! Woo hoo! ::happy dance:: I'm so happy for you, and I can't wait to see pictures when it's time!

  2. 36 weeks with twins---wow! You are a supermom