Sunday, October 17, 2010


My awesome hubby spent all day Saturday working on the yard: racking, edging, mowing, seeding, fertilizing, and watering.  I finally took some time to do a little vacuuming around the house, which had not been done in a while.

I was pleased with what I got accomplished ... until today.

All that new seed and fertilizer on the yard requires some water for a week or more.  So hubby is in and out moving the sprinklers and hoses around to get all corners of the yard.  He did this Saturday evening and then again Sunday afternoon.  Given the drought we've been in, I expect he'll be doing this each evening for the next week of more.

Yep, the evidence is on the floors.  I guess yard work and clean indoor floors don't mix.  Oh well!!  Hopefully we'll have a nice looking yard come spring!!

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