Friday, October 08, 2010

7 Quick Takes vol. 6

For more Quick Takes, check out Jen Fulwiler's blog Conversion Diary, where she is on vol. 100, for her Quick Takes and links to many other's.  Hope you enjoy!

For my past few Quick Takes posts I planned a little ahead.  This week, that didn't happen.  So I'm winging it!


I finally started going back to the gym this week!  Made it a whole two days.  It's a slow start, but it is a start.  I've been slacking off on the diet and exercise thing, but luckily I've been maintaining.  Hopefully this means a little exercise will jump start some loss again.  We'll see.


Monday evening I attended a talk sponsored by the University of Kentucky Students for Life organization.  The speaker was Rebecca Kiessling, who had been adopted and found out when she was 18 that she had been conceived through rape.  It was a pretty powerful talk.  I wrote a post about what I took away from her talk.  Go check it out if you have a chance.  The post includes a link to her webpage as well.


My husband and I want to one day sell our house.  But we didn't feel like we needed to move while it is just the two of us.  We think this house will fit us fine for one baby, but after that we feel that we need something a bit bigger.  But due to our three losses, we keep putting off our plans.  After our last miscarriage we decided to go ahead and move forward, with or without a baby.  It'll happen one day and we are now in a position financially to afford a new home.  So we're shooting for next spring.  In the meantime, that means fixing up this house.  We redid the kitchen last year.  Our current project is the front of the house.  I wanted to hire a contractor to completely replace the columns and railings on the front porch, hubby decided differently.  So he spent some time last weekend stripping the paint and fixing up the rusted areas above the windows and doors.  Tonight he started priming, he'll finish tomorrow and hopefully paint.  Then we go shopping!!  That's my favorite part.  We'll buy trim to finish the columns off and new light fixtures for by the door and on either side of the garage.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll have much better curb appeal.  I'll post a picture eventually.  Unfortunately I did not take a "before" pic.


Twice in the last couple months I've gotten involved in conversations that somehow evolved into a debate on the clergy sexual abuse scandal.  I find myself defending the Church on charges people throw at it based on misinformation they have heard through the media.  It's very frustrating, as I'm sure many others who have been in the same position know.  I'm considering writing a bit more about my feelings on this topic, once I can get all my thoughts together in some sort of coherent manner.


This past Sunday I had a meeting in the town just north of me.  I'm a city girl and I live on the north end of my town.  So just two miles from my house I was already in what I consider the "country."  Whether or not it is, I don't know.  But no traffic lights, few houses, and long windy roads equals country to this city girl.  What I thought was funny was how comfortable I was driving on these roads.  Winding through areas I hadn't been before, roller-coastering over the hills without adjusting my speed (too much), and enjoying the expansive fields and open areas.  I still prefer to live in a city, but it is nice to drive through such pretty areas.  And I think my cute little car (a Honda Fit) makes it even more fun to drive through such an area.


The meeting I went to was at a little country church.  Amazingly only about 20 minutes from my house.  As I pulled in I noticed a historical marker by the road in front of the church.  It looked like a really cute little church, but unfortunately I didn't get to see the inside.  Our meeting was in a small building behind the church.  I did learn, however, that it is the oldest church building not only in our diocese (Lexington) but also in the Diocese of Covington, from which we had been split off in the late 1980s.  I didn't get a chance to read the historical marker when I left (it really required walking down to the street to read, which I didn't get a chance to do).  So I have several reasons to go back there!  Good thing it isn't too far away, maybe we'll venture up there for a Sunday Mass sometime.


This is my first post using a new template in blogger.  I recently updated my settings so I could add Tabs on the top of my page (which I haven't had time to work on, so nothing is there yet).  I don't know if this is the reason for this new template or if blogger just happened to update things at the same time that I had made some changes as well.  It was a little startling at first, but I do like that I can see what things will look like on the actual post rather than the HTML, although I can still easily switch to the HTML view and edit that way as well.  I'm a bit annoyed that when I change the justification (left justify vs. center) it doesn't necessarily seem to take the first time and I have to click on it a second time.  Maybe it's a user problem too, who knows.  I'm sure I'll get used it eventually.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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