Friday, October 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes vol. 8

On Thursday I drove about 6 hours to Normal, IL.  For my 7 Quick Takes this week here are seven things I learned.


During rush hour traffic in Louisville, trying to merge will cause the person you are merging in front of to beep at you.  This was normal behavior in New England, I guess it's considered rude in KY.  I'll be sure to send an invitation next time ... in the whole 2 seconds I have between getting off I-64, merging onto I-70-something, and merging into your lane to get onto I-65.


The little bags of old-fashioned peppermint sticks you can get at Cracker Barrels everywhere are great companions on long, lonely car drives!!


Talking on your cell and trying to write down what you are being told while driving 70 mph is not a good idea.  Don't worry, I decided instead to memorize what I was being told and I wrote it down when I got off the phone .... still driving 70 mph.


The stretch of I-74 between Indianapolis and Bloomington, IL is the longest I have ever driven in a straight line.  Ever!


I am still wondering why there were so many corn and soy bean fields that looked like they had a dusting of snow on them.  Anyone know why so many looked so white??


Harvesting season must be over.  Everything is shades of brown.  No corn, no soy beans.  It was kind of sad looking at the emptiness.


Most surprising thing: the absolutely beautiful little lakes/ponds I passed in Illinois!  They were so blue!!  What a spectacular site to suddenly come upon one in the midst of all those brown, empty fields.  They were always so surprising I kept wanting to get a better look, but alas I could not.  What a great reminder of the beauty of life even in the midst of desolation and emptiness.  Beautiful!!

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  1. Oh, trying to write, talk, and drive at the same time is so stressful, isn't it?
    And I love Cracker Barrel!

  2. Illinois (north and south) has to be the longest, most solitary drive in the Midwest. So dull. No offense, anyone from there. Indiana is a close 2nd and I grew up there :)

  3. Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite places to stop for restroom breaks or just to stretch. Better than any rest area. I got in the habit of using Cracker Barrels when I was single and on long drives, and I still use them when I'm alone.

    Lynn: I did both IN and IL: Across 64 to Louisville, north to Indianapolis, and the west to Bloomington/Normal. I made the return trip today. So glad to be home!!