Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Never-Ending Tests

My tests have not ended yet. I was expecting to be done, but apparently not. Yes, it seems to be never-ending. I was so hopeful that I was through ... and then I called today. Not what I was hoping for, so at least one more blood test is in my future.

Here's the background. My Beta HCG levels (the pregnancy hormone) were basically off the charts on May 28 when I had the D&C. The goal now is to get it down. Thus it has to be checked every so often, through a blood test, to see how it is doing. I had mentioned in a previous post that the Beta HCG increases during the first several weeks of pregnancy and eventually plateaus to somewhere around 60,000-100,000 around week 10-12. Since the pregnancy ended, we want my levels to get to 5 or below.

I had blood taken from me three times on May 28 when I was in the hospital. Three times that I know of; I did come out of surgery with a small bandage on my arm that wasn't there beforehand. So maybe it was four, my doctor couldn't remember when I asked her. My Beta HCG at that time came out to over 200,000. Definitely off the charts.

So on June 11, two weeks later, I had another blood test and my levels had dropped significantly to around 780-something. My next blood test was only 5 days later on June 16 and the results had only gone down about 100 points, it was somewhere around 670 or so.

My doctor decided we should wait two weeks and hopefully we would need only one more test. So I went back on July 1. I called the next day, last Friday, to get the results. After playing phone tag with one of the nurses all afternoon, I left for the three-day, holiday weekend with no answers. So I had to wait. I called again today and learned that unfortunately the result was only 114. Not quite low enough. So I'm going back next Monday for yet another blood test.

The saga continues. I really hope this last test on July 12 will be the end. I think my veins are starting to hide when they see that needle coming. I was stuck in three different places last time before she finally got something. I hope it works better this next time!

Is there a patron saint of blood tests? Anyone know? Or just one for test taking or something along those lines? I could use the extra prayers from someone a bit "higher up!"


  1. Benita12:22 PM

    I can imagine how frustrating this all is. I noticed that St. Philomena is one of your patron saints.....one of her patronages is for test takers. You're on my prayer list and I'll add a special one to St. Philomena.

  2. Benita, you're awesome! I can't believe I didn't consider St. Philomena! She's great for so many things. Thanks so much!! And thanks for keeping me in your prayers!!

  3. I second the St. Philomena idea (I've been praying a novena to her the past few days). Also, in sort of a morbid example, the nasty Romans tried to shoot her with arrows multiple times. On the third time they tried to shoot her, the arrows changed direction and killed the archers. :)