Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saying Good-bye

Monday we said good-bye.

Good-bye to another hope, another future that is not to be, and another child.

This was the third time we've had to deal with all the loss that comes when a child dies. This was the third time we felt the power of prayers and support from so many people around us. And this was just the second time we had the opportunity to bury one of our children.

Monday was a beautiful day. We've been having storms/rain showers on and off all month, but luckily that morning was beautiful. We gathered at the cemetery at 11am for a short burial service. About 20 people joined us, both family and friends, including our priest who has been with us at some point through all three of our losses.

A small table covered in green velvet stood over the grave site. Brigit was in a beautiful little box I had bought, which was decorated with flowers. Inside I lined it was a pink blanket, put inside a small, soft, pink puppy-rattle, and Brigit was wrapped in a small crocheted pink blanket made by one of her aunts. In front of the table I set a pot of flowers, pink of course. And, in front of the flowers was Zachary's grave.

Seventeen months ago when we stood at this same spot for Zachary's burial a train went by (the railroad tracks are very close by). One of my sisters-in-law mentioned it to me afterwards, referring to a little boy's love of trains and other transportation vehicles. I still think of that anytime I am at the cemetery.

During Monday's service for Brigit not only did a train go by again, but there was a lot of clattering and banging going on. I couldn't help but think that it was Zachary letting us know that he was watching over his special baby sister.

It means a lot to me that we were able to give Brigit a proper burial. This fact alone has given me a lot of comfort through this whole ordeal. Amazingly, I was in good spirits at the service, no tears. And if you know me, that says a lot! I'm usually a pretty emotional person.

Don't worry, I've had plenty of emotional moments. But this was an opportunity for closure. I've experienced a lot more comfort overall this time around, which I can't completely explain. The only thing I can link it to is the many, many prayers of so many people. Also my own prayers as well as the intercessory prayers of Mother Mary and all the other saints who have been called on by me or others for me.

Good-bye baby girl. Good-bye little Brigit Ann. May you rest in the comfort of Mary's arms, gaze upon the glory of God our Father, and stay close to both Casey and Zachary until the day when we can all be joined together again.


  1. It was such a moving burial, and I loved the timing of the train. Still, it's just so hard to accept that 3 precious children have been taken. I continue to pray often that God will turn your sorrow into joy IN THIS LIFE. We will tell our little girl about Brigit and encourage asking her for prayers.

    Did you notice a big, white puffy cloud above the gravesite? It reminded me of an angel. :)

  2. No, I didn't see the cloud. :( Wish I had. I saw you taking a picture of something, was that it? I meant to send you a message and ask what you took a picture of and if I could get a copy, depending on what it was. Thanks so much for being there!!

  3. This auntie had to say goodbye from a distance :( Thanks for the "word pictures" - they help me feel a part of what I missed. Nope, not just you... tears.

  4. Ah, thanks Lynn!! Wish you could have joined us!